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Getting Yourself Gym Motivated in Five Easy Steps!

by Megan

It’s almost here…that 6 week postpartum mark when I’m supposed to have it all back together. No more excuses. No more complaints. Right?!

The end of that 6 week period (and my ob-gyn checkup) means I can start exercising again. I’m both looking forward to that and not looking forward to that!

Today I have a guest post from Nicole at WhatToExpect.com, and she’s going to share some great tips for getting and staying motivated to workout. I especially love #4 and #5: shopping!

Summertime is here which means it’s swimsuit season; only my body seems to have its seasons mixed up because I am definitely more “winter parka” than “bathing beauty.” If you’re like me it takes a little more than light encouragement and a Stay-Puff profile to get you gym motivated. Luckily, I’ve come up with five foolproof ways to get you, not only motivated, but downright EXCITED to get your behind out the door and onto the gym floor.

1. Find a great audio book for your iPod
I’m a reader, and like any devoted reader, once I get hooked on a book it’s hard to put it down. Use this to your advantage by finding a great book and promise yourself you will only to listen to it while working out. You will find yourself actually looking forward to gym time if for no other reason than to find out what happens in the next chapter!

2. Take evening workout classes at the gym
If you don’t have time to get your work-out done during the day don’t worry, most gyms offer a wonderful array of evening classes from kick-boxing to yoga. Leave bed time duty to dad and have some good, healthy time to your self.

Bonus tip: When taking classes at your gym, always set yourself up near the front. This will keep you from sneaking out mid-class. Not that you would ever think of doing such a thing!

3. Find a good workout buddy
Preferably someone more motivated than yourself. Give them permission to scold you and hold you accountable. Everything’s more fun with a friend.

4. Look cute!
Get yourself some comfortable and cute workout gear that you will be proud to flaunt at the gym. Sure it sounds silly but who doesn’t want to show off a cute outfit. I know it’s the gym and not a runway show but when I have a new workout top to wear, I will go to the gym just to have an excuse to wear it! Win-win!

5. Set goals with rewards
Rewarding yourself for hard work is the best part of working hard! For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, give yourself a small token of appreciation for every 5 pounds lost. These rewards can be anything that will encourage you further on your path, which will in turn keep you on the right track.

Expecting? WhatToExpect.com has more fitness tips for the gym or at home.

Whatever you do to get yourself out there, like Nike says “Just Do It.”

Do you have any tips to add to my list? Share them in the comments!

Nicole Yontz is a stay at home mom in Arizona and a contributing parenting writer for WhatToExpect.com.

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