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Have a Game Day Party with the Kids and TGI Friday’s Appetizers

by Megan

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This post, featuring tips for including kids in your football party and TGI Friday’s appetizers, has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.

I’m sure a lot of you are preparing for a party this weekend for the big game! I’m also sure a lot of you have children who will be underfoot at said party, and today I’m providing some tips on how to include and entertain your little ones while also hosting guests and watching football.

Tip #1: Include delicious finger foods that will make adults and kids happy

Include the kids in your football party! #TGIFGameDay #shopExhibit A

In my opinion, game day is not the time to demonstrate your gourmet culinary skills (or if you’re me, lack thereof). Instead it’s time to put out a spread of known crowd-pleasing appetizers.

I recently discovered TGI Friday’s frozen appetizers. I was shopping at Walmart and literally had one of those “stop-the-cart-wheels-screeching-slowly-back-up-to-see-what-I-just-walked-by” moments. Last week we had the jalapeno poppers and mozzarella sticks, and this week we partied it up with TGI Friday’s loaded potato skins and honey bbq chicken wings!

Include the kids in your football party! #TGIFGameDay #shop

Set the wee ones up with their food and an activity at the table, while the adults bring their plates to the TV. These appetizers can be enjoyed simply with a napkin (or festive football-shaped plates!) on the couch, or even while jumping up to yell “touch down!”

Want to give them a try before you buy? Walmart will be doing in-store demos of the products between January 30th and February 2nd. Follow the delicious goodness on social media with the hashtag #TGIFGameDay.

Include the kids in your football party! #TGIFGameDay #shop

Tip #2: Involve them with a fun football-themed game

I got these football cutouts at my local party store, and though they are just pictures of footballs, they have endless possibilities. You could put pictures on some and words on the others and have the kids match them up (i.e. “Field Goal” and a goal post graphic).

Include the kids in your football party! #TGIFGameDay #shop

Or you could label one side with something that might happen during the game (“touchdown,” “penalty,” “first down,” etc), and on the other side label it with something silly that the kids have to do (“10 jumping jacks,” “run around the outside of the house,” etc).

Or keep things simple- my own kids (and their cousins) like to race from tree to tree in the backyard!

Include the kids in your football party! #TGIFGameDay #shop

Tip #3: Give them a football-related activity that will keep them quiet and happy

How about a football coloring page?

Include the kids in your football party! #TGIFGameDay #shopsource– lots of great football coloring pages and activities

Or maybe give them some Play-Doh and have them make footballs and goalposts. Make triangle paper footballs and teach them how to flick them. Anything to keep their little hands busy!

Tip #4: Watch the commercials with them

For some of us, the commercials are the best part of the big game, and the kids will probably like them too. If they are not interested in watching the game, call them into the room on commercial breaks and talk about which ones they liked the most.

Of course, if they are in another room and entertaining themselves… maybe tip #5 should be “let them do their own thing!”

Tip #5: Let them do their own thing

If the kids are happy enough to play with their toys and one another, then count yourself lucky and enjoy the game!

I hope these tips help your football party to go a little smoother and make everyone happy, whether your team wins or loses. We still root for our New England sports teams, despite living out in Arizona now, and we just missed out on the BIG game! Still, I’ll take any excuse to party it up, especially if fun games and delicious food like the TGI Friday’s appetizers are involved!

Sign. Me. Up.

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