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From Maybe To Baby: Our TTC Story

by Megan

When Daniel and I got married, we were pretty set on wanting four kids. Actually I’m pretty sure we had picked out names for our kids within a week of meeting each other, but that’s another story! Fast forward to now: we’ve been married for almost 10 years, and we have three awesome kids.

There they are- our three awesome kids!

Carter, Vanessa, and Harrison are, as Carter would say, “Bossome” (boss + awesome). They are smart and loving and funny, and I love spending time with them every day. It is a blessing and a privilege that I get to be their Mom.

And I’m hoping for one more blessing. That’s right, we are officially TTC (that’s “trying to conceive” if you don’t speak the language, yo). Our TTC story is being sponsored by Astroglide®, to introduce their new product, Astroglide TTC Trying To Conceive™, and I’m so thrilled to be writing about our journey to add another little one to our family! I will be updating on our progress, and I have high hopes that we’ll have a big announcement before long!


As we’ve had our babies, it has been so interesting to see our future become clearer and our timeline more sure. I like to plan ahead, but babies have their own agendas!


It took us about 9 months to get pregnant with Carter. I had read that most couples should be able to successfully conceive within a year, so I wasn’t too stressed. When Carter was 20 months old, we decided we were ready to try for #2, and boom, one month later I was pregnant! Vanessa was ready to take on the world!


After having Vanessa, I got a little more strategic. I knew that I wanted to have baby #3 around the time Carter was starting Kindergarten. However, knowing that Daniel would be home the whole summer before Carter started school, we started trying a little earlier. When Vanessa was about 20 months old, I got pregnant with Harrison! We had been trying for about 5 months, and Harrison was born just about a month before Carter’s first day of Kindergarten!


Now we are ready for baby #4, and I’m being obsessive strategic again. Vanessa will start Kindergarten next fall, and I would like to have a baby next spring. I have it narrowed down to two months- March or April, which means things need to “get cooking” this month or next!

I’ve been in the baby stage for almost 7 years now, and even in that short period of time it has been fascinating to see how things change and new technologies make life easier for us. Since I’m so specific about when I’m hoping to have a baby, I was very intrigued when I learned about Astroglide TTC™.

I know…not something I would normally write about for the world to read, but like I said, it’s so interesting to hear about new developments and products that I didn’t even know existed (or didn’t exist!) when I was first starting out.

Astroglide TTC™ is specially formulated for couples who are trying to conceive. To be successful, it is vital to provide an environment where sperm has a chance of survival, and Astroglide TTC™ is a lubricant that doesn’t impede sperm like traditional lubricants. It supports fertility with adjusted pH levels.


Astroglide TTC™ has a retail price of $12.99, the best value compared to any competitor, and it comes in pre-filled applicators so it is easy to use and less messy because you don’t have to fill them yourself. For more information regarding Astroglide TTC™, fertility support, and where to buy please visit the TTC homepage.

So here we are, ready to begin this journey again. I’m happy and sad to know that this will be the last time, and I’m prepared to enjoy it and experience it to the fullest! I’m so excited, and I hope there will be good news to share soon!

Do you have a TTC story? I would love to hear it! Leave a comment with your story or a link to it, so I can check it out!

Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

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