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Friends, Fashion, and…Free!

by Megan

Hey you guys! I just realized that this month marks my 4-year blogging anniversary! For the first three years I just wrote for myself and a handful of family and friends, but during the past 9-12 months I’ve made an effort to get my blog out there and make friends in the blogging community, and my little blog has grown!

I’m still a little blog, which is fine by me! I like that this is still low pressure, still enjoyable, and yet I’m seeing some really cool benefits from having a few more followers.
One such benefit came two weeks ago, when I attended an event for Arizona bloggers, hosted by and at DownEast Basics. Have you heard of them yet? Well now you have! They have the most adorable clothes, for really great prices!
Definitely bought this outfit! And the shirt in a second color…
Anyway, I was really lucky to be able to attend the event, because it just so happened that Daniel’s new job opportunity came up the week before, and we found ourselves needing to come up to Surprise to find a house to rent! So we came up on the same day of the event, which was being held at the mall closest to Surprise, in Glendale.
DownEast allowed each blogger to bring a “+1,” and they gave everyone gift bags with some candy, their latest catalogue, and a $25 gift card! Since we were looking at houses, it was just Daniel and me, and I didn’t expect them to give him a bag too, but they did! So…I had $50 to spend!
Had to take a dressing room picture. Like my socks?
I got to meet some of my fellow AZ bloggers, including Kimberly from A Night Owl, who is just the best! If you don’t know her yet, you should click on over and say hi!
I got there near the end of the event, and near the store closing time, so after a little conversation, I flew around the store grabbing everything that looked cute (most things), and then I tried things on like a maniac!
Of course just about everything fit, so I had to make some difficult choices! I got the mint green lace dress above, the pink shirt and flowered skirt, as well as the same pink shirt in tan (see my profile pic on my sidebar), and a white “wonder tank” which I needed to wear under some of my more scandalous shirts!
I was really pleased with the quality of the clothing AND the prices. They regularly have great sales, and that night every skirt in the store was $25 (or less if it was on sale)! I will definitely be back. (I have my eye on a few things that I didn’t get that night…
…like these two skirts- only $14.99 each!
Thanks, DownEast, for organizing our blogger meet-up, and for being so generous with the gift cards! Like I said, I’ll be back!

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Ashley at flats to flip flops August 7, 2012 - 2:24pm

How fun! I love me some DownEast!

Brittany T. August 7, 2012 - 11:34pm

what a fun event! wish i could have gone, but at that time, i didnt know about it. i love DownEast! i own one skirt and 2 half tees from there so far! ;)

Kimberly @ A Night Owl August 9, 2012 - 3:39am

Awww! It was so great to meet you IRL! Now that you’re close-by, we’ll have to meet up again soon! xo

simplyevani.com August 9, 2012 - 5:33pm

So jealous you got to meet Kimberly! :) I love A Night Owl! :) DownEast looks like such a great store, I can’t believe those skirts are that cheap!

[email protected]

Kathy Cabrera August 18, 2012 - 8:33pm

Thanks so much for coming to our mixer – you look great! xo, Kathy Cabrera, http://www.downeastbasics.com