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Include the Kids in Game Day with the Football ‘Gating Game

by Megan

Excited for the big game, but wanting to stay in? We’ve got you covered with “home-gating!” Combine the fun of a tailgate with the comfort of home, and you’ve got yourself a home-gating party!

I’m going to share some tips for throwing a great home-gating bash, along with a super fun ‘Gating Game (think drinking game, but fun for all ages!) that you can play while watching the game!

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Even though we are East coast transplants, we love our new Arizona teams! My parents live nearby and always have the game going on their big TV, so we like to head on over and join the fun at their house. Here’s how to make your next home-gating party one to remember:

How to Throw a Football Home-Gating Party

1. Have lots of food

When my family gets together, we know how to party! And yes, I’m mostly referring to the fact that we have a LOT of food. This weekend the Cardinals were playing on Sunday morning, so we did an early lunch spread while watching the game.

I popped into Safeway on my way over to my parents’ house and grabbed some delicious food and (my personal must-have) plenty of Coca-Cola®!

We grabbed some Coca-Cola, COCA-COLA® ZERO SUGAR, and a 24-pack of Dasani water to bring to the party, along with some other delicious food from the deli and bakery.

Having lots of food that everyone can enjoy is key, but maybe even more important is the next tip…

2. Don’t stress about preparation

You want to have fun, not spend your time in the kitchen making everything just perfect! Buy some paper plates, grab some Coca-Cola, some easy pre-prepared deli foods that people can just grab, and don’t forget the desserts. We found these cute football-themed cupcakes at Safeway!

3. Have a plan for little ones

If you’ve got kids at your party, the game probably won’t hold their interest for the duration. So you’ll need to have some other plans for them! I’ve got you covered there- keep reading!

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4. Do a little research

If you’re already a big football fan, you can probably skip this step. If you’re (ahem) just there for the food, it might be worth your while to take a few minutes to catch yourself up on your team’s stats and/or the latest football news!

5. Play the ‘Gating Game!

Anyone can play a drinking game, but have you tried the ‘Gating Game? Much more fun for families, the ‘Gating Game has you interacting with the big game by eating, drinking, doing jumping jacks, talking in silly voices, and much more!

Here are the rules, and if you click under the graphic you can get an automatic download of a printable version so you can hang it up somewhere during the game!

We played the ‘Gating Game this Sunday at our party, and it was so much fun! It seemed like there was always something we had to do, whether it was getting up and spinning around, riding around on Dad’s back, or running around the house!

If you follow these simple but essential tips, you’re sure to have a home-gating party to remember!

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Cristi Comes September 18, 2017 - 11:37am

What a fun game! I’m sure your family had a blast playing that. My kids would really enjoy this. {client}