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Food Documentaries to Watch #StreamTeam

by Megan

This month we are trying our best to improve ourselves, with the “Baby Steps to a Better You” 30 days of personal challenges. It’s no secret that my greatest vice is food. I love it. Unfortunately I love all the wrong kinds of it!

While trying to make better choices and motivate myself to eat healthier, I came across some great food documentaries on Netflix, that I would like to share with you. As part of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, each month I get to share our latest favorites on Netflix, and in return I receive a free membership and complimentary products. #notabaddeal


The first documentary I came across was Hungry for Change. I kept seeing it under my recommendations again and again, so finally I figured I should watch it!


The documentary focuses on how unhealthy eating is damaging to our bodies and our lives. It also discusses how healthy foods help our bodies to repair themselves. Several of the people interviewed are those who transformed their own bodies and lives by changing their food choices.

My favorite part was when they talked about how your body really wants the healthy stuff, and it will repair itself when given the chance. So if you even make just a few good choices, your body will love you for it!

After Hungry for Change, Netflix led me to Food, Inc., a documentary all about the food production industry, and how large companies who promote a “farm” image are really factories that churn out the cheap food we are buying. It also showed smaller companies that are sticking to their roots and have better practices for how they care for the animals that become our food.


Food, Inc. was really interesting to me, and I loved how they said that we have three opportunities each day to “vote” for the kinds of foods we want to be eating (when we eat/buy our meals). I’ve definitely taken note of those companies that I want to support and have started making better informed choices when it comes to buying the food I feed my family.

I love how Netflix recommends new titles based on what we’ve already watched. That’s how I found the next thing I watched: Jamie Oliver’s TED talk, “Teach Every Child About Food.”

There were two things that struck me about Jamie’s talk. First, he shows a list of the top causes of death and talks about how the things we are most worried about, like homicide, are a tiny risk compared with food-related diseases. Second, he tells us that these diseases are 100% preventable. That hit home for me- I’m the only one deciding what I eat. And I have 100% of the power to eat healthy foods and be healthy myself.

So if you’re in need of some motivation, or if you are just curious about these subjects, definitely go check out those documentaries and Jamie’s TED talk.

As for me? Well I just discovered two collections of TED talks grouped together under the title “Life Hacks,” so I’ve found my next binge watch!

Stream on!

We are in the second half of our 30 days of challenges now, so keep that momentum going and keep working toward those goals!

Today’s challenge is about motivation. What gets you motivated? What keeps you motivated? What gets in the way of your motivation?

Think about a typical day. If you’re anything like me, you wake up in the morning ready to get working and hit all your goals, but by the second half of the day, you’re discouraged, struggling, or maybe even have given up. Look for patterns in your motivation throughout the day, and then plan for those times when weakness hits.

Maybe in the afternoon you “restart” your day, with some stretches and a new look at your to do list? Maybe you need to take a break and calm your mind. A walk might do the trick, or maybe reading some inspirational material will give you that boost to get through the rest of the day.

Whatever motivates you, use it to get through those more difficult times. So today, your challenge is to first, identify the time of day, place, or whatever your trigger is that causes your motivation to dip, and write yourself a note that you can find and read at that time or place. Hopefully that little pick-me-up will be enough to get you over the hump and back on track.

Keep your head up- you can do it!

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