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"First, workout!"

by Megan
A major part of my exercise plan is my new mantra: first, workout. I have more specific plans, but this basic statement is huge. I have become so OCD about my house being clean, so I find myself constantly going from room to room and putting everything back where it goes, and cleaning whatever needs to be cleaned. That, along with the million other things I could be doing whenever I get some free time, usually pushes exercise to the bottom of the list. I get distracted doing things that “need to be done,” and then before I get a chance to workout, my free time is over.

So, my mantra each day is “first, workout.” That usually means as soon as Carter goes down for his nap, I spend 30 minutes or so working out. He sleeps two hours or more, so that gives me plenty of time afterward to take a shower and relax or clean or whatever I want or need to do. Now that I have Vanessa too, my free time is a little less reliable, so I really have to seize the moment. On Thursday, both kids were sleeping while I worked out, and yesterday Vanessa was awake in her swing, watching me. I got lucky that she wasn’t fussy.

I do want to get up early on some days so I can go running, because that’s one thing I can’t do at home. So on days when I can get myself out of bed that early, my workout is done first thing, and I don’t have to squeeze it in later.

Another thing that will help me to get in my workout during my free time is my husband! He is so good about taking over with the kids when he gets home and sees that I need a break. Even after working all day, he has never once said no to me when I’ve requested some time to myself.

Also, cleaning, picking up, and organizing are things that I can do when the kids are awake! Carter likes to follow me from room to room as I clean and organize, and he just plays alongside me. Vanessa couldn’t care less which room she happens to be in. :)

So to summarize: “First, workout. Then, care about other things!”
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1 comment

Kadi April 4, 2011 - 4:42pm

Good plan!