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Harry’s First Birthday Gift Ideas

by Megan

I went to the store yesterday with the goal of buying all of Harry’s first birthday gifts, but with no idea of what I was going to get for him! Luckily I was able to find several perfect gifts, almost all in one aisle! I thought I’d share the gifts I bought, in case anyone is looking for the perfect gift for a 1-year-old. Affiliate links ahead.

First Birthday Gift Ideas

VTech Learn and Discover Driver

I knew I wanted to get Harry some toys that he can use in the car, and which will keep him entertained on the long trip to Maine and back. There were lots of toy laptops and tablets to choose from, but I ultimately decided on this driving toy. It has a lot of different buttons which do different things based on three different settings, and I thought he would love the steering wheel!

Bounce & Giggle Cow

This cow had Harry smiling so big, that I just had to get it. Oh yeah, Harry was with us when we were picking out his gifts. He’ll forget all about them and be excited when he opens them, plus now we know what he likes!
Push his nose, and he wiggles all over. If he’s on the floor, it makes him move around. Not going to lie, I had fun playing with it!

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Van

This is a little handheld toy van that makes sounds when you press the windshield. My mom got Harry the car to go with it. They interact with the Smart Wheels playsets, so if Harry loves them, I know what to get him for Christmas!

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Sort ‘n Learn Lunchbox

This lunchbox toy wasn’t part of the plan, but my 5-year-old attached himself to it and absolutely insisted that we get it for Harry. For the baby, yeah sure, of course. Definitely not because he wanted to play with it! It is a cute toy, though, and they have plans to play “school” with it!

Mega Bloks First Builders Sonny School Bus

This will be Vanessa’s gift to Harrison. He loves to play with her LEGO Duplo sets, so we thought he’d like his own set of bigger building bricks. He will love to push this school bus (…looks like a truck to me) around, take the bricks in and out of the back, and build towers!

So those were the gifts we picked out for our favorite almost-one-year-old! Can’t wait to see how excited he is to open them!

Happy birthday, Harrison!


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Kassi @ Truly Lovely June 13, 2014 - 5:24pm

Thanks for the ideas!!! I’ve just started planning for my daughter’s first birthday in July!!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang June 13, 2014 - 9:50pm

Happy birthday sweet Harry!