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Family Fun Night Ideas

by Megan

It’s great to get the family together for some fun activities and quality time at any stage of life, but honestly right now our kids are little and still like us, and they are easy to please! So it’s not too hard for us to come up with some family fun nights.

If you are low on cash or big ideas, that’s no problem. Family fun can be had at home, or out on the town. It can be a fun new adventure, or an old favorite activity. As long as you are enjoying time together, mission accomplished!

We were sent a family fun package from Mini Babybel, filled with games and activities, as well as lots of their delicious cheeses! I’ve loved Mini Babybel since I was young, and apparently my kids do too, because that “lots of cheese” did not last more than a day in our house!

Vanessa eating Mini Babybel

You can’t beat the great taste, not to mention the fact that they provide nutrients like protein and calcium. And the convenience- just toss them in your purse or lunchbox to enjoy later!

Family Fun Night Ideas

Build Forts

If you’re staying in, the little ones will love a night of creating forts in the living room! We got a cool fort building set that gave us lots of options, but you can have just as much fun with the couch cushions and anything else you have lying around.

Family Fort Building

Get a New Game

Make a quick trip to the store and cruise the game aisle. Pick out a new one and take it home for testing! Maybe you’ll find a new favorite, or maybe you’ll introduce your kids to a game you loved growing up. We tried out “Spot It” which is a simple, fun game for ALL ages!

Spot It

Splurge on a Movie Night

Our package from Mini Babybel included some AMC gift cards, so we decided to do a family night at the movies! AMC has an awesome concessions bar with full meals available, so we decided to have dinner there as well (pizza!).

It’s never cheap to take your whole family out to a movie, plus dinner, but it’s definitely worth the splurge every once in awhile! AMC has reserved seating and big comfy chairs that recline. It was such a fun, relaxing night after a busy day!

AMC Family Movie Night

It’s important to spend time together as a family, and your plans don’t have to be elaborate. If you’re stuck on ideas, ask the kids. I’m sure they’ll have requests!

And now, I’m off to replenish our Mini Babybel stash. They never last long in this house!

Mini Babybel Cheese
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Lilith - Life after Borderline March 3, 2016 - 4:10pm

My kids loves it as well.