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Everything Happens for a Reason?

by Megan

This is an oft asked question for many people- and my family debates it from time to time. I have my own answer, which I feel like sharing!

Does everything happen for a reason? I would answer both yes and no. Actually, my answer is to rephrase it into this: Reason can be found in everything that happens.

I do believe that we can find meaning out of everything that happens in life. I do not, however, believe that things are predetermined or out of our control. A big part of my religion is that we are all given agency in this life- the choice to act on our own accord. So we all make our own choices, and we are certainly affected by choices of others (though we can choose how to react to them), but it’s not as if we have no control over our lives.

So yes, there is meaning in everything, but we shape our own lives in the choices we make, and by how we react to the choices of others.

Just thought I’d share.

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