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Dr. Destructo versus the SuctionSeal

by Megan

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Well hi again! It’s me, Harry, your favorite baby blogger! You may remember me from my last post, where I took you through a day in my life. I’m a little older now and way smarter. I’ve noticed that my mom just LOVES to clean! She pretty much does it all day, so she must love it a lot. Since I love her, I’ve made it my job to make sure that she has lots of things to clean! She has started calling me Dr. Destructo. Ha ha! She’s funny.

Last week my mom bought the Eureeka SuctionSeal 2.0 vacuum cleaner from Walmart, (currently on Rollback from $148.88 to $129, yay!). I guess she wanted to give me a challenge. Dr. Destructo has found his new nemesis!

Dr. Destructo Versus the Eureeka SuctionSeal Vacuum #EurekaPower #ad #cbias

I was with her at Walmart when she bought the new vacuum. I was just chilling in the cart, being all cute and stuff. When she put the box containing the Eureeka SuctionSeal in the back of our cart, I knew the battle was on.

Dr. Destructo Versus the Eureeka SuctionSeal Vacuum #EurekaPower #ad #cbias
Look, I’m being so well-behaved! Tee hee hee.

Our battle began at breakfast. Sometimes when I don’t want to eat what my mom gives me, I swipe my hand back and forth and throw all of my food on the floor. Good thing I’m cute!

Dr. Destructo Versus the Eureeka SuctionSeal Vacuum #EurekaPower #ad #cbias

Well, turns out that the SuctionSeal works just as well on the tile floors as it does on carpets… That food was gone faster than you could say “peekaboo!”

Dr. Destructo Versus the Eureeka SuctionSeal Vacuum #EurekaPower #ad #cbias

Okay, okay, so you’ve won this battle, SuctionSeal. But let’s see how well you do against these paper scraps on my bedroom carpet.

Dr. Destructo Versus the Eureeka SuctionSeal Vacuum #EurekaPower #ad #cbias

N0, SuctionSeal, stay away from my handiwork!

Dr. Destructo Versus the Eureeka SuctionSeal Vacuum #EurekaPower #ad #cbias

Hmm…so you cleaned that up pretty fast. You are proving to be a worthy foe, but I have one more challenge for you that will surely defeat you…the high pile rug!

I’ve heard my mom say that nothing works on the big fluffy carpet rug we have in our living room. She’s tried three other vacuums on it, but nothing picks up the dirt that I hide deep inside the carpet! I’ll give her a chance to see if the SuctionSeal works on even the highest pile carpets.

Dum dee dum, I’m just going to go play in the sandbox. Oops, did I bring a bucket of sand inside and spill it on the rug?! Yup.

Dr. Destructo Versus the Eureeka SuctionSeal Vacuum #EurekaPower #ad #cbias

What will you do now, SuctionSeal? Mua ha ha!

Dr. Destructo Versus the Eureeka SuctionSeal Vacuum #EurekaPower #ad #cbias

Wow, the SuctionSeal was even able to get the high pile carpet clean! This must be one amazing vacuum. No matter what epic mess I make, it easily cleans it right up, on any surface!

Well, Dr. Destructo may have been thwarted by the Eureeka SuctionSeal today, but I will continue to make messes so that my mom can clean and be happy! Next task, getting into her makeup! Until next time…

Check out my sweet Instagram video of the Eureeka SuctionSeal in action!

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HoHo Runs November 18, 2014 - 7:54am

Hi, Megan (and Harry)! What an adorable kiddo. Megan, you won the Sparkle Skirt I was giving away. I sent you an email but also wanted to leave you a comment, just in case. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Megan November 18, 2014 - 8:23am

I got your email and will go respond now! Thanks so much for making sure I saw it! :D