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Etsy Obsession!

by Megan

Today I’m linking up with Saige Wisdom’s Obsessions party! And this is a special link-up, because she is going to choose one of the linker-uppers to win the Etsy obsession of their choice! 

Just make a list of five things you are obsessed about/crushing on lately, include one Esty item under $50, including shipping, and link your post up! Not something I wanted to miss out on!


So I’ve been browsing all my favorite Etsy shops and “favoriting” the items that catch my eye. There is so much that I love! Jewelry and coupon binder covers were at the top of my list. Here are some of my favorite Etsy shops, so you can check them out:



Dog Wood and Robins

Now onto my obsessions!
1.  Here is my Etsy obsession pick:
I love anything nautical, and this bracelet is just perfect. I love the maroon, teal, white, and navy colors! I would have a hard time deciding if I win!
Unforgiven Room
This is not a new obsession for me (well maybe within the last two years), but I LOVE escape-the-room games. The best ones can all be found here. The games combine puzzles, logic, math (sometimes), and problem-solving to get out of each room. I look forward to Wednesdays, when they always post a new game!
3. Velata


Yeah so apparently the company responsible for Scentsy now makes fondue warmers. Yes please. I’ll take two!
Crownmark Cherry Vanity Set with Mirror and Bench
I’ve wanted this vanity for several years now. I even already have the matching cheval mirror in our bedroom and a perfect place to put the vanity, but I’m torn between my desire to have a vanity and my desire to have my house as uncluttered as possible. Not a piece I need, but…


There you have it, my latest obsessions! Now go link up at Saige Wisdom and maybe you’ll win your Etsy obsession!

{ SaigeWisdom }


See you there!

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Paige June 22, 2012 - 9:44pm

I had a vanity for a long time. It definitely got used! I actually did put my makeup on it and my jewelry box! It was the perfect getting ready spot.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} June 22, 2012 - 10:55pm

you had me at nautical… I’m 99.3% certain I was a sailor in a past life which would explain why 3/4 of mine and my children’s wardrobes have stripes. I cannot wait to toggle over and check out that escape the room game… like I need another reason to be on the computer :P
Also is Cents of Style available to Canadians, eh?
Anyways, thanks SO much for linking up – you’re an angel ;) xoxoxoxo (I normally limit myself to one hug & one kiss, but you’re special.

Emily Sung June 24, 2012 - 11:12pm

New follower through the Mingle!

Would love if you dropped by http://birthofamom.blogspot.com and fololow back!

Hubba June 25, 2012 - 3:44am

Love the chevron necklace! I’m a new follower as well, you can find and follow me at http://www.iheartpears.blogspot.com.

bonnie-bonnbonnboutiqe.blogspot.com June 25, 2012 - 5:03pm

Love the anchor bracelet! following from Monday Meet up:)

Kat June 25, 2012 - 5:26pm

Hi! I’m following you from the Mom’s Monday Mingle blog hop! Look forward to reading more! I would appreciate the follow back! Thanks! -Kat