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Escape the Holiday Stress at Denny’s

by Megan

It’s mid-December right now, and you might be starting to feel the holiday stress. Or maybe you’re already knee-deep in it. Presents need to be bought and wrapped, holiday performances need to be attended, and the everyday workload hasn’t eased up at all! When it gets to be too much, allow yourself a little break and a little good food!

Rudolph Pancake

Last week, my husband and I were able to go on a rare “day date.” I’m lucky that he works right across the street, so it’s not too rare to see each other briefly during one of his breaks, but on this day he had enough time for us to actually go to a restaurant, sit down, relax, and be served! As a “Denny’s Diner” brand ambassador, it’s no surprise that we often end up at Denny’s! I am compensated for sharing their latest promotions and delicious dishes, and it’s one partnership my whole family can get behind!

Of course since we have two little ones not in school yet, they got to come along for the ride!

Harry Dad and Goldfish

We have a few favorite restaurants that we like to visit, but the one place we know for sure that everyone will be happy is Denny’s. The options on their kids’ menu are unmatched, and our kids love choosing their meal and side dish.

Vanessa always chooses fruit for her side, and it is gone almost as soon as it gets to the table! Denny’s offers seasonal fruit sides which are completely fresh- nothing from a can! They rotate their options based on the time of year.

Dennys Seasonal Fruit

Speaking of fresh, Denny’s also offers wild-caught Alaska Salmon as one of their Fit Fare® items. It’s wild, natural, and sustainable, and a healthy option with its side of steamed vegetables.

Fit Fare Alaska salmon

As for me, well I go for anything that has avocado on it! The avocados used in several of Denny’s dishes are sliced completely fresh, in-store, and I can attest to its deliciousness!

Avocado Chicken Caesar Salad

Combine the fresh avocado with the fact that their burgers are high-quality, 100% beef patties, and now I know why I always end up ordering the Bacon Avocado Burger, even when dozens of their other entrees are so tempting!

Bacon Avocado Burger

It was so nice to sit down with my family for an hour, enjoy some time together and some great food, and just get away from our busyness for a little while. I just had to snap this picture of the menu, because some days just are a burger and Coke kind of day!

Burger and Coke Day

So if the holidays are getting you down or getting you stressed, or you’re just in the middle of a hectic shopping trip, grab your family or some friends and take a break at Denny’s! You can’t beat the high quality of food that you’ll get for such a low cost. And maybe this year Santa would like you to leave out some Pancake Puppies!

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