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End of the week/Week 5

by Megan

Weigh in- 161

Goal pants- still just little tight, but I can tell they’re getting better

I did pretty well this week. I stopped writing down my food because I got really sick on Friday and didn’t eat very much all weekend. And I got in all my exercise except one 40 minute walk and two stretch/tone sessions, which were planned for Friday.

Anyway, my weight loss was great, but I’m afraid it may go up just because I had a few days of eating very little. I hope it doesn’t! I’m two pounds away from my goal for next week, so maybe I can keep it going. I’ve lost 28 pounds, with 21 left to go!

I’m still feeling pretty rotten, so I’m not going to make goals or a plan for this week. I’m just going to take it easy, try to get out for a few walks, and eat enough but not too much.

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