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Easy Protein Shake Roundup

by Megan

Even though I know it’s important, I have the hardest time getting myself to eat breakfast! When I have no appetite in the morning, the easiest and healthiest thing for me to have is a protein shake. And since I’m a lazy bones, I need easy protein shake recipes!

Easy Protein Shake Recipes

The recipes on this list take just moments to throw together, and the flavors might just turn me into a breakfast believer! So break out that blender and let’s get going!

Easy Protein Shake Recipes

1. Two ingredients in this decadent, easy protein shake, simple and healthy! Look familiar? It’s my own recipe!


2. Pineapple anyone? Add the coconut oil, and pretend you’re in Hawaii!


3. Lots of recipes here, but the one at the bottom has 14g of protein (and mangoes). Not a bad way to start your day!


4. Nutty monkey! Here’s one I bet my kids would love.


5. Do you need an energy boost in the morning? #raiseshand Who doesn’t?!


6. Chocolate, yum! Have it for breakfast, or enjoy it as a late night dessert.


7. Strawberries always make the best smoothies. This is an easy protein shake that’ll get you moving!

Great strawberry smoothie recipe high in vitamin C

8. Just 150 calories! And packed with delicious and healthy berries!


9. Get your morning started right with berries. More berries up ahead- add in full berries for more texture and a delicious surprise!


10. Raspberries and mangoes oh my! Here’s another tropical treat, perfect for summer!


11. Vanilla, coco and peanut butter are sure to be a hit! I just want to eat this one off my screen. Looks like a delicious breakfast or a great way to end your day!


12. Just a few wholesome ingredients and a lot of nutrients in this easy protein shake.


13. Add in some honey to this sweet recipe. Spinach included for veggie intake!


14. Add in some avocados for an extra vitamin boost! I never would have thought of this combination, but I definitely have to try it!


15. Pumpkin will add a great flavor! Have this one in the fall when pumpkin is all the rage.


Have a little more time on your hands? Check out these tasty breakfast ideas:
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Heather @ Country Life, City Wife January 12, 2017 - 2:43pm

I just now saw this! Thanks for including my banana berry smoothie. LOL I promise the photography on my blog is getting much better.