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East Side/West Side

by Megan

Morning, all! Today I am swapping blogs with Jennifer from Mommy Huh, as we discuss what’s great about living on our respective sides of the country! Read on to see what she loves about the east coast, and head over to her blog, to read about what I love about the west coast!

Greetings, friends! I am Jennifer from Mommy Huh. I am a working mom from Washington, D.C. obsessed with family and fun! I am so happy to have the opportunity to swap blogs with Megan and share a few things that make the East Coast special! It has been a very long time since I visited the West Coast (it would take all the fingers on three hands to count the years).
1. Ye Olde History
Mount Vernon, VA (aka: George Washington’s crib)
It all started on the East Coast. Our nation was born right here on the East Coast; some of which has been preserved so that it can be shared with our generation and future generations.
2. Life’s a Beach
My bachelorette party celebrated at Ocean City, MD… 4 years ago.
Although the first images I think of are tropical, here on the East Coast you can find a beach to fit your needs. Family friendly or adult friendly, beaches range from tourist destinations like Atlantic City to a place to relax like Nags Head, NC.
3. Weather the Storm
 Although I am no meteorologist (in fact, I spelled the word wrong until spell check helped me out), most weather patterns travel from West-Southwest and usually gives our communities a heads up on the weather. It’s always nice to get a phone call from my mom about a t-storm at her house at 2 pm and know to expect it at my house about 6pm. Even better is when the storms or other weather occurrences burn out before they reach us here.
4. Cherry Blossoms Blooming
Springtime in our Nation’s Capitol.
Cherry blossoms are so uniquely D.C. and there is a reason so many tourist visit in the spring. The window of opportunity to see the trees in full bloom is small and sometimes unpredictable (was 2 weeks early this year due to a mild March). The monuments and memorials are here year round but the cherry blossoms come and go. 
 5. What a Way to Make a Living
Working with Mom.
Although 8 hours are 8 hours no matter where you live, I like to think I am finishing work a pinch sooner than if I was on the West Coast. If I wasn’t on the East Coast, I might be sitting at my desk for another couple of hours. 
 Check out Megan’s post over on my blog at Mommy Huh and visit me on Twitter anytime @DCWorkingMommy if you’d like to chat about everything East Coast.
Thanks Jennifer for sharing why the east coast is so great! I should know, I lived in Maine for 21 years! I definitely miss it! Thanks for reading!
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