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Due Maternity and Bella B: Silk and Honey

by Megan

Since I’m pregnant, I thought it would be fun to review some pregnancy/baby-related products on my blog throughout the next few months, and a few lovely companies have agreed to work with me and my little old blog. Over the past several Fridays, I’ve been reviewing the Bella B Bodycare products that were sent to me from Due Maternity. This is my last Bella B review, but see the bottom of the post to visit all the reviews I’ve done so far.

Today I’m reviewing the Silk & Honey: Moisturizing Body Cream.

This has been my go-to body lotion lately, since it is meant for pregnancy and has a very nice, light scent, which is perfect for sensitive pregnant noses!

I’m hitting the point in my pregnancy (6 months) where the itching and general uncomfortable-in-my-own-skin starts to really get to me. This lotion is nice and soothing and calms me down a bit. It definitely helps with the itching.

I’ve also used it as an overnight lotion to soften my feet. I just wash my feet, apply the lotion, and then wear socks to bed.

Silk & Honey is far more than just a moisturizing lotion. This all over moisturizing body cream is thick and luscious, without feeling greasy – perfect for long-lasting all over moisture that lasts for several hours.
Fortified with shea, cocoa and mango butter, as well as several other natural emollients like olive oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil, you’ll soon see why Silk & Honey is truly exceptional! The fresh, clean scent is perfectly balanced and not overpowering or flowery. Use twice daily for incredibly moist and soft skin all day long. Silk & Honey is a generous 8 ounces and, like all Bella B products is free of petroleum, lanolin, mineral oils and parabens (artificial preservatives).

Every mom-to-be deserves should be required to pamper herself a little bit everyday, and I would recommend this lotion as part of that routine! Gotta keep mom (and baby) feeling good!

You may also want to “like” their Facebook page, since they sometimes do exclusive deals and giveaways!

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