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Due Maternity and Bella B: Bumble Bath

by Megan

Since I’m pregnant, I thought it would be fun to review some pregnancy/baby related products on my blog throughout the next few months, and a few lovely companies have agreed to work with me and my little old blog. For the next several Fridays, I’ll be reviewing the Bella B Bodycare products that were sent to me from Due Maternity, so check back each week to see how I liked them!

Today I’m reviewing the Bella B Bumble Bath (bath bubbles).

What can I really say about bubble bath? My kids love it. I love it. What else could you want?

According to the company, the Bumble Bath “features thick, generous bubbles with a light, refreshing scent. Made with organic ingredients, with a no-tear formula.”

The kids have been enjoying it!

Vanessa has been “swimming” on her tummy, which sometimes results in her getting bubbles in the face, but it never seems to bother her. So that’s a testament to the “no tear” formula!

As it says on the bottle, “gentle for baby, perfect for mom.” I love to relax in a bubble bath in the evenings, so I’m enjoying it as well!

While Vanessa enjoys her bubble bath, I’ve also been using another Bella B product that I ordered, the Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap. Vanessa has had lingering cradle cap for a long time, and I figured she’d just grow out of it, but I finally decided to try treating it. The Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap works as a shampoo, and after just a couple of uses (and brushing with a special brush I ordered), it has mostly cleared up!

With another baby on the way, I will definitely continue to use Bella B products! They also have some items I have my eye on for postpregnancy such as this and this!

You may also want to “like” their Facebook page, since they sometimes do exclusive deals and giveaways!

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