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DIY Jewelry Organizer

by Layla

I’m so excited to reintroduce my sister-in-law and close friend, Layla! Today she is sharing with us how she made her really cool and super functional DIY Jewelry Organizer! As I mentioned last week, Layla is going to be joining the Shaping Up Team and sharing her tasty and fun crafts and recipes! The crafts are especially delicious. Mmm…

I absolutely love this jewelry organizer that she dreamed up, created, and freaking drilled to her WALL! Now if she’d just make me one…


I am so thrilled to be here! My name is Layla Tenney, and I am huge admirer of Shapin’ Up Megan for countless reasons, but I’d say the main reasons are because she is 1.) a very dear friend and 2.) one of my beautiful sisters-in-law! I’m excited to be “Shapin’ Up” with her, sharing some of my fun secrets and joys in the crazy world of crafting, cooking, creating and… organizing!

I am a mama of 3 wild and beautiful children, Lila (4), Maeve (2) and baby Asher (5 months).  My husband Chris and I live in beautiful Northern Arizona, and I have spent the last few years wrangling high-schoolers as a Drama Teacher.  However, I have spent this last school year home with my children as a full-fledged stay-at-home mom, theoretically giving me some ‘free time’ to share with all of you! I also choose to fill some of that time sharing my love of the stage with our Tri-City’s local theatre company, Prescott Center for the Arts, where I volunteer as a Theatrical Director and Committee Chair. My husband is a local high school’s Director of Bands, keeping him pretty busy. So between our busy lives out of the house, our daughters’ flair for the dramatic, and a newborn, our household consists of some serious theatrics both on and off the stage!

I do have quite a few favorite things in this world though… and a few of them you will be able to see right here on Megan’s blog.  First of all, I love cooking! Check out my DVR on any given day and it is FULL of cooking shows.

I DO NOT…do not… follow recipes. I love to experiment cook with flavors, ideas and creations. But never fear! Most of what I am sharing here is ways in which I take the ordinary and make it my own, so I hope you’ll get brave with me and follow me along.

I also adore crafty-upcycle-get-your-hands-sticky-with-paint/glue-and-all-kinds-of pretty-projects.  I always have between 5-7 ‘projects’ that I’m currently working on. I promise we’ll make some fun stuff that is practical, non-cluttering, non-dust collecting, and beautiful, as well as some kid-friendly projects that will make you feel like a DIY queen!

Finally, I love to clean and organize. I am constantly reinventing the organization system whereby I run my household, looking for the new/best/most efficient way, so maybe you won’t have to! From my career on the stage and beyond, I have always had a flair for the aesthetic, and if there is a way that to make that closet both look and work beautifully, then you can bet I’m not satisfied ‘til I find it. I’m no nail gun and table saw mom, but if a cute basket and a coat of funky paint can transform a space, I’m your girl!

So that’s me! I want to give Megan another great big “THANK YOU!” for this awesome opportunity. I’m so glad for this chance to share some of my best ideas, and I hope that some of them will make your life easier/happier in some way.


So… I have a lot of jewelry… like…a lot. And the problem with having a lot of jewelry is that once I wear it, the tired, end-of-a-long-day version of myself would never put it away properly. After too many of these long days, it would end up kind of bunched up on the bathroom sink, driving my husband bonkers. I’d always wanted to see ALL of the jewelry that I owned when picking that perfect trendy jewelry piece or hair accessory with my outfit! Heck, sometimes… a necklace is the first thing I put on after a shower!

Finally, I decided to find a space in my bedroom that I had available to have my jewelry hung. I thought the perfect spot would be on the wall behind my bedroom door and right near my closet and full length mirror. This way only I could see it when the door was closed and it could be virtually hidden simply by opening the door. It’s also the closest thing to grab on my way out the door in case I’m running late, which… let’s face it…is always.


Enough talk, here’s how you can make your own!


*Peg board– to your size specifications
*Spray paint– in a color to match your room
*1X1  wood, cut to fit the perimeter of the pegboard

Peg board ended up working the best, both because it is customizable and inexpensive. Plus, I was able to spray paint the ugly peg board to match the color of my bedroom theme with some left over spray paint I had lying around! I measured the size and area of the space I was wanting and took my measurements to the hardware store and purchased one piece of pegboard. One entire piece of peg board costs around $15!

The hooks can be found at any hardware store near hooks and other peg board supplies… just ask. There are SO many to choose from.

jewelryboard5These pictures demonstrate a couple of the different hooks/options I am using and for what.

The 1×1 wood pieces are essential for securing the pegboard to the wall and being able to use the hooks, but more on that later. Just know that the nice people at your local hardware store will cut the wood for you!


1. Spray paint your pegboard and let dry.

2. Drill the 1×1 wood around the perimeter of the pegboard.


Here is a side view of the board and you can see the 1”x1” board on the edge. This is around the entire perimeter. Partially because it is sturdier and partially because I think it looks prettier. You can choose to do this to ONLY the tops or ONLY the sides as you wish.

It is super important that this step does NOT get skipped because without the gap between the wall and the peg board, the hooks will not go in.

I drilled the 1”x1” into the perimeter of the peg board on the garage floor before then drilling the entire board into the wall itself. This thing is super sturdy and is not going anywhere, even with all of the heavy statement jewelry on it.


3. Drill your pegboard, with the wood pieces attached, into your wall where you want it to hang.

Notice the places where I drilled this board into the wall. There is one screw at the top and two near each edge. You can also notice the 1”x1” hiding underneath the blue peg board… this is the only place on the entire board that you cannot place hooks, everywhere else you notice a hollow hole on the board is free game… again, that makes this awesome accessory board totally versatile!

4. Place your hooks and hang your jewelry!

Here I used small hooks for bracelets and the double hooks for shorter necklaces near the bottom and for the top I used the tool holder hooks for head bands, hair clips, and other hair accessories.


I’ve had my jewelry board for about a year now and honestly have no complaints. It is SO QUICK AND EASY to immediately put jewelry back on the board in its designated place. This has kept my hubs sane and me delighted to know that my daughters aren’t hiding in a corner somewhere breaking trying on my necklaces that they have found lying around (this has unfortunately happened two many times, pun intended).

I’d say that this project is the perfect way for a would-be DIY-er to get started, or for an experienced handy-mom to better customize their space. Why hide that beautiful jewelry away when you can give it a home that is both practical and gorgeous!


Good luck on creating your own board, I know that you’ll have fun with it! Please feel free to ask Megan or me any questions or leave any comments below. Even better, send us a picture to show off your own unique holder of jewelry and fine accessories! Thanks for reading! Until next time… Layla

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Lisa July 4, 2014 - 12:48pm

Um. Hello Layla! Nice to meet you! This is an amazing craft and I’m really so glad you shared it. I’ve been desperate for something that will work for me and my habit of jewelry. Now if only the German hardware store will cut it for me…. Love you sister!

I’m also happy about this blog! Thanks for sharing!

kristine foley July 5, 2014 - 9:09am

Clever! I need this something fierce, because the girl’s can reach my jewelry now and it’s a mess! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more of your posts! XO

Maureen July 7, 2014 - 6:44am

What a fantastic idea! Right now I have a jewellery draw and everything ends up in a tangled mess!

Marie@The Interior Frugalista July 23, 2014 - 10:57am

I’m definitely pinning this idea. I’m building a jewelry storage cabinet onto a wall in the master bedroom this Fall and this is a much easier and less expensive way to hang everything than what I originally had in mind. Thanks for the inspiration!

Laurie July 24, 2014 - 9:02pm

I loved your Tip Me Tuesday link . {thanks girl!}

Would you like Tip Junkie to feature your blog post to over 200,000 creative women? If you upload this blog post into your Tip Junkie craft room using at least 2 images, 2 steps, and blog post URL then I can easily feature it in my RSS feed, home page, and all my social networks instantly. {squealing with delight}

~ Laurie {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}

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