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Disney Toys For The Pool

by Megan

The end of summer is here, and we are well into fall, so you may be wondering why I’m doing a post called Disney Toys For The Pool. Well, because now is when you can score great deals on summer toys! If your kids are anything like mine, they love anything and everything DISNEY, especially Disney toys! And now is the perfect time to scour the clearance sections of your favorite store and stock up for next year. So here are some of my favorite Disney toys for the pool!

Disney Toys For The Pool

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Disney Toys For The Pool

Disney Princess and Fairies Squeeze Toy Set

Disney Princess Pool Toys

First up, the Disney Princess and Fairies Squeeze Toy Set. These bath/pool toys are all over the Disney Parks, with lots of different varieties of characters. We’ve owned a Mickey Mouse set as well as a Cars set. These are super durable toys, great for all ages. I highly recommend them for younger kids. They can play with them in the bath tub or the pool, and they can also play with them on “dry land!”

Cars Dive Sticks

Cars Dive Sticks #DisneyToys

For the boys and girls who love Cars (and for those of us Moms who can recite the entire movie by heart, ah thank you very much), there are the Cars Dive Sticks, available at Amazon.

I loved playing with dive sticks and dive rings in the pool when I was younger, and these are the same thing but in the shape of your favorite characters! They sink, so they can be used to help kids learn to dive under the water, as well as for a variety of fun pool games!

Glitter Dive Wands

Princess Wand Dive Sticks #DisneyToys

And for the true girly girls, there are the Glitter Dive Wands! Same idea as the dive sticks, but with a little Princess flair!

Swimming Nemo and Swimming Squirt

Nemo Pool Toy #DisneyToys

If your pool needs a little more character, why not add a swimming fish and turtle? Swimming Nemo and Swimming Squirt use batteries to swim around the pool effortlessly, diving under and coming up for air, with realistic movements. You’d swear there were some real creatures living in your pool! These are so fun to chase and catch!

Disney Sun Canopy Baby Float

Baby Disney Toys For The Pool

The Disney Sun Canopy Baby Float is essential for us. Babies love to be in the water, but they don’t love the sun in their face, and they definitely don’t like getting sunburnt! These baby floats are perfect for keeping baby happy, out of the sun, and to give Mom’s arms a break!

Disney Princess Canopy Pool

Disney Princess Pool

If you don’t have a pool in your backyard (we go swimming at Gramma and Grampa’s!), you might want to pick up a small inflatable pool for cooling down on those hot summer days. The Disney Princess Canopy Pool keeps you cool while keeping the sun off!

Disney Frozen Beach Towel

Frozen Beach Towel #DisneyToys

Lastly, you’re gonna have to get out of the pool eventually, so grab a Disney Frozen Beach Towel to dry off. Frozen Fever is not limited to the cold months!

Are you wishing it was summer again yet? Well it will be here again before you know it, so hit those clearance aisles and stock up on some Disney toys for the pool!

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