Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2016 #DisneySMMC

by Megan

Disney Social Media Moms Day 2

Day two, Friday, was the conference day. In the morning I boarded a bus with the other conference attendees, to have breakfast and visit the Star Wars Launch Bay, in Hollywood Studios.


We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and got to hear from Michael Roddy, who told us about the upcoming nighttime show, “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular,” which will enhance the current fireworks show with projections and incredible pyrotechnics!

Michael Roddy

Photo Credit: Preston Mack/Disney

Then we walked over to the Launch Bay, and I got to meet…

I also got to meet Kylo Ren, but he was much less inviting. In fact I’m pretty sure he told me to get out!

This Jawa didn’t have much to say, but seemed very interested in my phone!


After exploring the Launch Bay, we were bused back to the conference center for a day of entertainment, learning, and Disney Magic!

I will write more about all of Disney’s exciting upcoming plans, but some of the highlights of the day for me were:

  • A performance from a new show, coming soon to the Animal Kingdom


  • A look behind the scenes of the filming of Alice Through the Looking Glass (Fascinating!)
  • Viewing the first 33 minutes of Finding Dory (! So many tears.)
  • A performance from the Hocus Pocus witches, part of Disney’s Halloween entertainment (That was a movie I watched over and over again when I was younger, and you could have sworn it was really the three ladies from the movie performing!)


  • The Hanes boutique, where we all went a little crazy grabbing bras, socks, and shirts (LOVE mine, thank you Hanes!)
  • All the fun giveaways (Although I would have enjoyed them more if I had won one! jk jk)

I’ll take the ears as a great consolation prize!

Meanwhile, my mom and the kids were having their own fun day. They walked over to the Disney Boardwalk, to have breakfast at the Atlantic Dance Hall and work on some super secret projects.


Joy and Sadness were there to greet them!


After that, they spent some time at Hollywood Studios and EPCOT.


They met Jake and saw the Disney Jr. Stage Show at Hollywood Studios.


Brothers doing…brother things?

Epcot was having their Flower & Garden Festival, so the grounds were extra beautiful!


While Harry took a nap in the stroller, Carter and Vanessa did one of the Agent P. Missions at the UK Pavilion at the Epcot World Showcase. I wish I had a chance to see them do more of these missions, because they sounded awesome!


Their mission phone gave them clues, and they had to find and interact with various things and people in the pavilion. At one point Vanessa had to whisper to a tea shop employee, “Evil is my cup of tea!”

At the end they returned their phone in a secret location. Shh!


After a busy day at two parks, they ended their afternoon on the beach at the Beach Club with some Mickey bars!



Then we met up together to get ready for yet another fun evening activity, this time at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon!

It was a rollicking Beach Party, sponsored by GoGoSqueez, complete with a live band, amazing food, and even a kids’ conga line!

conga line

The food was great, but we rushed a bit to get to the even greater desserts!



They handed out magical glasses to us for the fireworks show, which turned the sparks into Mickey heads!



There were two choices after the beach party- take a bus back to the hotel, or take a bus to Hollywood Studios to catch the Star Wars fireworks show. Gramma took Harry back to the hotel to get him to sleep, and I took Carter and Vanessa to the fireworks!


Back at our room, we found another bag filled to the brim with Disney goodies, including this fleece princess blanket that Vanessa claimed immediately!


Another magic-filled day in the books! Click Next to find out what happened on Day 3!


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