Dessert Burgers and Fries Recipe

by Megan

Sugar Cookie Fries Ingredients:

Sugar cookie mix

Sugar Cookie Fries Instructions:

  1. Prepare the sugar cookie mix as directed, but form strips instead of circular cookies.
  2. Bake the “cookies.”
  3. Dust with sugar (looks like salt on the fries!).

Sugar Cookie Fries Recipe

Put your “fries” in their own basket, or put them in baskets along with a dessert burger. They really look like real fries!

Sugar Cookie Fries

You could have real burgers and fries and follow them up with their mini versions! Food baskets and restaurant-style paper will help complete the illusion!

Dessert Burger and Fries

Well these “burgers and fries” require a dessert of their own, right? Click next to see the other dessert we made to go with them!


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Gramma On The Go June 9, 2016 - 1:00pm

Thanks for the shout-out! Pictures really do bring a post to life. I need to get busy adding pics to my blog!