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Dessert Burgers and Fries Recipe

by Megan

It’s summertime, and I’m sure you’re planning on attending at least one cookout or BBQ this season. If you need something to really wow your friends, these dessert burgers will do it!

Just a few simple supplies and some assembly, and you can make these adorable (and super tasty) dessert burgers and sugar cookie fries.

Last August, my mom hosted an end-of-summer cookout, and she surprised us with these dessert burgers and fries. We all loved them!

Eating burgers for dessert
Harry eating dessert burgers

Now that summer has come back around, I wanted to share with you exactly how to make them. So here we go!

Dessert Burgers Recipe

The collage below shows each of the steps for the burgers. It’s a pretty easy, straight-forward recipe! But here is the info:

Dessert Burger Ingredients:

  • Chocolate cupcake and vanilla cupcake mixes (or make from scratch!)
  • Colored frosting (we used red, green, and yellow)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Frilly toothpicks (optional but useful!)

Dessert Burger Instructions:

  1. Make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. You’ll need one chocolate and one vanilla for each dessert burger, so a dozen of each kind will make a dozen dessert burgers. (pic 1)
  2. Slice all of the cupcakes in half, and place the bottom half of the chocolate cupcakes, upside down, on the bottom half of the vanilla cupcakes. (pics 2+3)
  3. Squeeze or spread colored frosting on top of the chocolate cupcake to represent condiments. (pic 4)
  4. Top the “burger” with the top half of the vanilla cupcake and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. Insert a frilly toothpick to keep it all together! (pic 5)
These adorable (and tasty) dessert burgers and fries are perfect for a summer cookout! The burgers are made from cupcakes and the fries from sugar cookies- click for all the instructions!

The burgers on their own are pretty cute, but they are irresistible when paired with dessert “fries!” Read on to see how we made the fries, plus a bonus dessert!

Sugar Cookie Fries Recipe

Sugar Cookie Fries Ingredients:

  • Sugar cookie mix
  • Sugar

Sugar Cookie Fries Instructions:

  1. Prepare the sugar cookie mix as directed, but form strips instead of circular cookies.
  2. Bake the “cookies.”
  3. Dust with sugar (looks like salt on the fries!).
Sugar Cookie Fries Recipe

Put your “fries” in their own basket, or put them in baskets along with a dessert burger. They really look like real fries!

Sugar Cookie Fries

You could have real burgers and fries and follow them up with their mini versions! Food baskets and restaurant-style paper will help complete the illusion!

Dessert Burger and Fries

Well these “burgers and fries” require a dessert of their own, right? Read on to see the other dessert we made to go with them!

Snow Cone Cupcake Recipe

These snow cone cupcakes go well with the dessert burgers and fries, because they look like you’re having a snow cone as dessert for your dessert!

Snow Cone Cupcakes

They also work on their own, perfect for a summer cookout treat! Here’s how you make them!

Snow Cone Cupcakes Ingredients:

  • Any cupcake mix (or make from scratch!)
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Colored sugar crystals
  • Paper condiment cups
  • Mini plastic spoons

Snow Cone Cupcakes Instructions:

  1. Bake the cupcakes as directed.
  2. Put each cupcake in a condiment cup.
  3. Frost the cupcakes with vanilla frosting.
  1. Sprinkle colored sugar in sections- red, white/clear, and blue.
  2. Stick a mini plastic spoon in the cupcake to complete the illusion.
Snow Cone Cupcake

Combine them with the dessert burgers and fries for a “complete meal!”

Dessert Burger with Fries and a Snowcone Cupcake

Here’s the party planner and cute dessert-maker, herself, Gramma!

Gramma on the Go

Thanks, Gramma, for an awesome summer party and all the amazing food we ate, including the creative desserts!

Swimming with grampa

We’ll be back again soon!

Carter jumping into pool
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