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Day 8

by Megan

Still going strong! Definitely getting easier, too. Not craving soda or sugar a whole lot.

I’ve lost 4 pounds so far, after one week. I don’t expect it to continue at that rate, but that would be awesome if it did!

I’ve realized that the major difference is that I have to think before I eat anything. I usually just snack all day, often on sugary things, but in the past week I’ve mostly just had three meals and one or two snacks. So I think I’m eating less overall, which is probably making more of a difference than just cutting out sugar.

I definitely believe in “everything in moderation.” So I will be happy to indulge in sugary treats after this period is over, but I need to keep it to once in awhile, or something small once a day.

Eating only when I’m hungry is KEY for me, because I usually just eat because something tastes good!

The four pounds I’ve lost so far is major motivation for me to continue. I really want to get some cute new clothes after I lose another 15 or so!

Hoping to lose another 6 before my birthday (3 weeks), and another 14 after that, before we go to Maine (10 weeks).

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1 comment

Kadi May 3, 2011 - 8:12pm

I am so happy for you! Sugar is super addictive like caffeine and nicotine! Getting control of the addiction is a constant battle for me. I think you are off to an awesome start! Keep it up and you WILL reach your goals!