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Day 27!

by Megan

AKA, the final day!

Well, the 27 day sugar fast ends today, but not the weight loss journey. In fact, I have decided to take Monday and Tuesday to eat whatever I want, and then Wednesday it’s right back to it. I’ll probably go off sugar again for awhile. I’m really starting to think that I can make that an “all the time” decision and only eat sugar once in awhile, when I really want it, or at times like last night when we went to a wedding reception and all they had was a sundae bar (I had a few strawberries)!

So I’m excited for tomorrow (my birthday!) to have a really fun day, but I HAVE to get right back on some kind of plan, because I do not want to gain back these 8 pounds that I worked hard for.

7 weeks until Maine, 3 weeks until Chicago auditions. I’m going to set my sights high and aim for losing 10 more pounds by the auditions! I would be pleased with 10 pounds by Maine, but I’m going to aim for 20 by then. I don’t like setting myself up to fail, but if I’m pushing toward a very high goal, and I make it 2/3rds or 3/4ths of the way there, then I’ll have done well!

I want to work in some more exercise, but I had another back issue the other day, and now I’m terrified of hurting it again, or making the injury worse, or whatever. So Wednesday night was the last time I had a dance class, and because of other things, I can’t make it again until this Thursday night, so that’ll be more than a week off. I’ll try to work in some low impact workouts between now and then (maybe some pilates and stretching), and then I will go to classes Thursday night. Then we are gone for Memorial Day weekend, and after we get back, I’ll have another week of classes, plus a day or two, before my unlimited pass runs out.

So, happy birthday to me, 8 pounds so far, lots more to go!

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