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Day 21- Killer Outfit!

by Megan

Today is the last day! Today’s prompt was to put together a “killer outfit” using the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from taking the 21 day challenge.

Well, I’m still away from home, so I only have what I brought with me. But yesterday I ran over to Walmart to buy some food, and I saw this dress. I love it! It was on sale for 11 dollars! So that’s my outfit for today, and I felt comfortable and pretty all day. I probably wouldn’t have chosen these shoes, but again, I only have what I brought.

Vanessa also only had what we brought for her, but I love her little striped skirt and complementary tee! Very girly.

Thanks, Kayla, for all the fun and fashion inspiration!

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Kayla September 5, 2011 - 2:13am

$11!! You win at life. It’s super cute! And I love the pop of blue (though those other shoes are totally killer too). Well done!

Freckles in April

Sarah in Indiana September 5, 2011 - 10:45pm

Hi, I’m trying to check out as many last day killer outfits as I can. It’s so cute that you did the challenge with your little girl. What a fun idea! Great shoes! I’m wiyh Kayla, I think they add an unexpected pop of color to the outfit.