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Day 20

by Megan

Pay off!

This morning I weighed another 3 pounds lighter! Also, I’m in a new “tens” digit!

I was at a plateau for several days, so I was getting discouraged, but now I’ve got some pay off. In all fairness, we are fasting this weekend, but even though I know that helped a bit, it doesn’t usually take off three pounds! And now that I’m there, I will work extra hard to stay there (and go further)!

Still no sugar/no soda, and I have one week left for no sugar. Then it’s my birthday, and I plan on having cake!!!

There have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to eat during the past three weeks, but I need to just treat myself to a couple of favorites, for just 1-2 days, and then I’m going right back to no sugar! I might do a few mini challenges next, like no sugar for a week, and then no eating out for a week, etc. That will change things up, and I will still be eating well without cutting out everything at one time.

So I am on track with my plan to lose 2 pounds a week! I still have 8 weeks until Maine, so I could potentially lose 16 more pounds. I would be ecstatic with 10 more by then!

I have just one more week until my birthday, so I am going to try to make this next week pretty hardcore with my diet and exercise. Lots more dance classes to take!

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