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Day 2: hot and cold foods

by Megan

Still on the wagon. :)

Today I again felt awful about how I looked, just like yesterday, but now I think that might be linked to the time of the month! I felt that way last time, and now I’m putting two and two together. Let’s hope, especially since I’ve been weighing at the lower end of my usual range, and especially since I’ve been drinking way more water lately than I usually do. Maybe I’ve actually lost a few pounds and it just won’t show for another day or two.

It’s hard when I feel like I need something sugary, because in my mind it’s not sugar I’m craving. This might sound weird, but my mind sees foods as hot and cold (among other categories), and sugary foods (such as a chocolate bar) are cold, while saltier foods (like chips or crackers) are hot. So when I want to have a “cold” snack and can only have a “hot” snack, that gets a little frustrating. That sounds weird. I’m weird.

Anyway, I know this will pay off, so I’m sticking with it. I brought home dinner and got a soda for Daniel, and I wanted to sip it oh so badly! I didn’t.

Apple and orange juice have been my saving graces, since they only include natural sugar, and I’m okay with that, as long as I’m not guzzling it (I’m not). They help a lot when I’m craving something “cold.”

Two days down, and I know that it gets easier as more days go by. The first few are the hardest!

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