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Day 16- Menswear

by Megan

We are running behind! Due to an unexpected early morning emergency room visit (for me), and some necessary recuperation time, I’m a little behind on my challenge days! We missed linking up to the hair day, but hopefully we can get back on track tomorrow and not miss any more!

My menswear outfit consists of black pinstriped pants and black heels from Kohls, a patterned top from Forever21, and a tweed blazer from who knows where?! It’s very old.

Vanessa is wearing some blue and grey cotton shorts from the boys section that my mom bought for her. Come on! People think she’s a boy when she’s completely dressed in PINK! She’s “girling” it up with a grey shirt with a pink ballerina on it.
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1 comment

Leslie September 2, 2011 - 6:21am

Super cute!! I hope you are ok. Emergency rooms are NEVER fun