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Day 15

by Megan

I overdid it.

So last night I went to my first two classes at Breakout, a pop choreography class and a dance cardio class. I enjoyed both; the pop class had just 6 in the class, and it was right at my level (not too easy, but nothing I couldn’t handle), and it seemed to be the same for the other 5 girls. So it was a good fit. The dance cardio class was total opposite, with about (I’m just guessing) 50 people crammed into one of the studios! It was a full hour of medium impact aerobic dancing. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the other class, because the dancing was really repetitive and the choreography (or lack thereof) didn’t excite me.

After the first hour, when I was sweaty and tired, I started to rethink my plan to cram as many dance classes as possible into my unlimited 30 days. I still want to take as much as possible and get my money’s worth, but I just don’t know if I can handle as many as I want to take. It didn’t really occur to me that I have physical limitations (who would have thought?)! Tonight I was going to go up there and take three hours of back to back classes, and last night was just two hours, with a 30 minute break in between!

So here’s what happened: On the way home, I was talking to Daniel on my phone, when my back started to hurt. I’ve been getting these back pains every once in awhile since having Vanessa, where my back muscles start hurting and it makes me feel sick to my stomach, and usually they go away after a little bit. I hung up (what an anacronistic phrase to be using), and pulled over to an empty parking lot. I spent the next 30 minutes or so in excruciating pain, trying every position to alleviate it! I came very close to calling 911, which would have been bad because I don’t have health insurance right now!

Eventually it improved to the point where I could drive home, and I headed straight for a hot bath…and ended up taking three of them between 11 and 12:30ish, after which I finally fell asleep (with the aid of some Tylenol PM).

I felt fine right after taking the two classes, other than the expected tiredness from dancing for two hours. So, I feel like an 80-year-old woman, and I didn’t even weigh any less this morning after probably burning close to 1000 calories. :(

Luckily I was able to get a lot of rest today, and I’m not going to classes tonight (our car is in the shop anyway, and doesn’t look like it’ll be done until tomorrow morning). I was going to go to hip hop, tap, and zumba tonight, so I’ll have to see what I think I can handle next week. Actually, next Tuesday is Daniel’s spring concerts, so I’ll be missing two Tuesday nights.

Tomorrow night is dance cardio again, with a live band, but I think I’ll give myself another night off, especially since I wasn’t crazy about that class anyway. Thursday morning I’m going to a class called Tone and Sculpt, and then Thursday evening I’m hoping to make it through Ballet Workout, Adult Ballet, and Zumba. That’s a lot, but I have friends with whom I’ve promised to take those classes!

Here’s hoping the back issue was just a fluke, and that I can continue to take these classes while I have my unlimited pass!

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