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Day 14

by Megan

Still going great with the no sugar/no soda thing! Soda craving is definitely gone. Earlier today I was thinking, “Wow, I bet a soda would taste really good, since I love soda!” But I haven’t craved it in awhile. It was a purely intellectual thought. It makes me consider giving up soda permanently, since I know that once I have one the cravings will come back. But we’ll see.

I think in the future giving up sugar will be an excellent way to push through plateaus. It’s a surefire way to drop pounds, so I’m sure I will continue to do it more often.

I am really super excited to see how much these dance/workout classes are going to help with my weight loss. I weighed a new low this morning, so that was exciting. My friends, Sarah and Holly, have started to teach a dance class Sunday evenings with a small group of girls our age. Sarah teaches about 45-60 minutes of ballet, and then Holly leads Zumba for another 30-45 minutes. We started last week, and it’s been awesome so far. The combination of a great workout and doing something I love and am good at, leaves me feeling amazing after the class ends. I have to miss next week’s, but I’m planning on attending as often as I can. I love that it’s just a small group, made up of mostly my friends!

Holly was gone last night, so we did 90 minutes of ballet, and then this morning I taught a high-energy dance to show choir and got a good workout that way. And tonight I will start at Breakout for my month of unlimited classes, with an hour of pop jazz funk and an hour of dance cardio. We have to bring our car into the shop tomorrow, so I don’t know if I’ll make it to Tuesday’s classes, but I’m planning on it for now, and I’ll be teaching show choir again tomorrow and probably Wednesday. And on top of all these workouts I’m getting, I drink tons of water while I’m dancing and working out, so that’s great too!

If I can continue all these good things throughout June and the beginning of July, I think I’ll be in great shape for family pictures on the beach (which is my main goal at this point in time)!

I have set up a few rewards for myself, as little incentives to lose the weight, and I’m just two pounds away from my first milestone (which will be a loss of 8 pounds), and my reward is a sewing basket! Sounds really exciting, I know, but all my sewing stuff is currently in a Walmart bag in an actual wicker basket, and I’ve been finding pins on my closet floor (not the hard way, luckily), so I’ve been really wanting to get a sewing basket to organize (dump) all my sewing stuff. I’m hoping to get there in the next 4-5 days!

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