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Day 12

by Megan

This gets easier and easier, as the cravings go away and it becomes a normal way of life. I’ve now lost 6 pounds in 11 days!

So why don’t I just do this all the time? It’s not like I need sugar. I’m eating less and certainly not starving myself. And there really has only been a couple of times when I’ve really wanted something sugary, and that happens less and less as this goes on.

Makes me think that maybe if it was my default to say no to sugar most of the time, and just had it every once in awhile when I really wanted something, that could be good.

Of course it’s going to make a little bit of a difference once I reach my goal weight and I’m maintaining. I can dream, right?

At least the numbers on the scale are going in the right direction! Slowly, but it’s working!

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