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Day 11- Dress or Skirt

by Megan

Denim skirt is an absolute must. Want to know my secret? Mine is maternity!!! AKA, it has a very nice comfy elastic waistband!

Top is from Kohls, and I don’t wear it too much. Let’s just say that it shows off the “ladies” a bit too much. Looks great to me when I look straight into the mirror, but considering how EVERYONE is taller than me…

Shoes from Forever21, and they are my FAVORITE of ALL TIME. I wore them on vacation to Maine and sadly they fell apart. I mean, like not wearable.

But my friend turned me onto this magical substance:

And now my shoes are all better! Hooray!

Once again, Vanessa is wearing “best of Walmart.” But isn’t she styling in her graphic tee and striped skirt?! Should have added a bow but we were rushed (as always)!

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