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Day 10- Closet Orphan

by Megan

Brought out this old tank sweater. Not usually something I’d wear in the summertime, but with just the DownEast Basics Wonder Tee underneath, it was cooler than you’d expect (um, but I didn’t go outside so…). Pretty sure it was from Kohls. As was the necklace. As were the pants. I like Kohls. Flip flops from Target.

This was a harder challenge for Vanessa, since she grows so fast that she doesn’t have time to create closet orphans! However, this pink tunic and leggings set was given to her, and she hadn’t worn it yet because the sizing was off with the season. It’s a winter outfit, and it was too big for her this past winter (she was born in February). But I actually think the sizing is just off in general, because it’s 6-9 months, and the top is still big on her. She is wearing 9-12 months these days. So maybe she’ll get another chance to wear it when the weather cools down a bit!

Um, great hair brought to you by luck. …I brushed it.
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