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Day 1- Family Day!

by Megan

Daniel and I decided that since we’ve been over-the-top busy lately (hence the lack of blog posts), we would do 6 days during the month of November (maybe spilling into December) with each combination of family members.

1. All four of us
2. Daniel and me on our own
3. Daniel with Carter, me with Vanessa
4. Daniel with Vanessa, me with Carter
5. Daniel with kids, me on my own
6. Me with kids, Daniel on his own

This morning Daniel surprised me by having taken the day off school, so we did our family day today. I don’t think it could have gone any better! We relaxed in the morning, catching up with our tv shows and playing with the kids. Then I went grocery shopping while Daniel stayed home with the kids. I brought back lunch for all of us, and then shortly after, both kids took naps. I took a short nap too! We did more playing and house cleaning during the afternoon, and we grilled out cheeseburgers for dinner. It was a rainy, chilly day, so it was just perfect to spend it at home together.

Our show (more on that later!) has been taking up every free moment of our time, and now that it’s opened we have a little more time on our hands! And by that I mean that Daniel still has a full time job, is getting ready for his students’ holiday concerts, plus he just started rehearsals for the community Christmas concert that he conducts, and I will still be traveling to Tucson twice a week to teach dances for the two musicals I’m choreographing at Basis, as well as traveling to Vail one day a week to work, and fitting in 9 extra work hours while at home. I’m also trying to do Cents of Style parties and boutiques, plus we still have 6 performances of our show left, over the next two weekends. That is our “light” schedule.

But today we had nothing all day and all night, so we relaxed (and got some necessary home chores done- like 6 loads of laundry)!

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