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Crunch Time (literally)

by Megan

Sorry about that last post (the angry post, not the rolling post, that was cute)! I kind of had raging hormones for a couple of days there.

Anyway, I haven’t been very strict with myself since the 27 days of no sugar, and I think I’ve gained back maybe 3 of the 8 pounds. Not the end of the world, but it’s frustrating that instead of losing more, I have to lose what I already lost before losing more! It’s hard to tell because my weight really does fluctuate a lot, but I definitely need to get back on track- a strict track.

I have been exercising more, so that’s good. I need to keep that up and make sure I’m doing something every day; right now I’m doing about 35 minutes 2-3 times a week, and I need to up that to 5-6 times a week!

I have 27 days left until our Maine trip, and my goal between now and then is to lose 8 pounds. That’ll be a total loss of 13 pounds since I started trying, which is pretty good for about three months. It’ll also get me past my recent lowest weight and well into a new “tens” digit.

I can’t weigh myself very often because my husband threw away my scale. One too many meltdowns on my end I guess. Anyway, it’s probably good since my day-to-day weight isn’t the best factor of how well I’m actually doing. More than anything, I’m going to be able to tell how I’m doing by how my clothes are fitting.

It’s super frustrating that I can’t get a hold on this. What’s the secret? I don’t mean the secret to weight loss. I have all the information and knowledge I need there. I need the secret to willpower, because I have none!

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Leslie June 22, 2011 - 6:29am

I read this and thought “did I write this” it totally sounds like me.
I started working on my weight loss again after I had my baby 1 year ago and I am now at the same weight I was then. I had lost ten pounds and then something knocked me off track and I gained 20 lbs =(. So I have lost ten and now have 50 more to go. My advice (if you want it) is stick to it. Don’t let those 3 lbs turn into 20 like I did. You are doing great!
If you ever figure out the secret to willpower please share it with me because I am a sugar addict. My go to treat is a york lol

Megan10e June 22, 2011 - 7:00am

Okay, this is just getting creepy… that’s my go to treat too. I think my mom had another baby in between me and my sister, and I think it was you! LOL