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Couponing Haul- April 17th

by Megan

I went on another coupon trip this week, and here are some of the deals I got:

Two bags of fun size M&M Easter candy: 45 cents each
Two Easter egg coloring packages: 19 cents each, didn’t even need a coupon for those- 90% off!
Revlon PhotoReady foundation and concealer: 4 dollars off each
Dove shampoo, conditioner, smoothing cream, and hairspray: $1 each after register rewards at Walgreens
Similasan nasal allergy relief spray: FREE after register rewards
20oz bottle of Pepsi Next: FREE after register rewards
5 ct Zyrtec allergy relief: originally $4.76, paid 76 cents with $4 off coupon

Total value of everything purchased (plus a t-shirt not pictured)- $93.26 before tax
Total amount paid- 52.89 before tax, plus 11.99 in register rewards = $40.90

That’s 56% savings…I’ll take it!

Here are some things I learned about couponing this week:

1. Walgreens is a great place to coupon. You don’t need a special card, like you do at CVS, and all the products that will print a register reward are marked throughout the store, so you know exactly what you’ll get back. Register rewards are coupons that print out at checkout, which are as good as cash (only to be used at Walgreens, and they have to be used by the expiration date, about two weeks later). So I paid $6 for the nasal spray, and $0.99 for the Pepsi, knowing that I would get the same amounts back in register rewards, and the Dove products were $15 with a register reward of $5, and I had $6 in coupons, making those four products $1 each. I can take the $11.99 I have in register rewards back to Walgreens and get something(s) for free, but the smartest thing to do would be to use that money on more products that will print register rewards. That way I can continue to use the rewards to get free items every week, only paying for my original trip this past week. The Krazy Coupon Lady explains it much better than I do.

2. Target has great coupons on their website that you can print out and combine with manufacturer coupons to get some great savings there. Both of my couponing trips so far have taken place at Target, with a little side trip to Walgreens.

3. It was a great idea to make my price list (of Walmart’s prices on the things I usually buy), because last week Safeway had a big BOGO sale, and my price list helped me to know when the BOGO was a good deal and when it wasn’t. Some products were more than twice Walmart’s price, making it not a good deal even with the BOGO.

And two things I already knew but want to reemphasize:

1. Shop the after-holiday sales!

2. Only use coupons for things that you would have purchased anyway! If it’s on sale, but you won’t use it, it’s not a deal!

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