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Coobies: Finding the Right Fit

by Megan

Friends, there are only 40 days left of my 20s. Sigh. What should I do to end my 20s with  bang?

Well you know I’m working on a 30 Before 30 list, and this is actually something that isn’t on that list, but before turning 30 I wanted to find the perfect bra. I know you ladies totally understand this. Bras. Are. (usually) Uncomfortable!

I even went to a specialty store where they custom fit you (a.k.a. someone was in the dressing room with you, while you are topless, pushing your boobies into many different bras…), and I came home with a few new bras, but I don’t wear them!

Finally I decided that “the right fit” might just not be for me. I cannot stand underwires, and that’s all that specialty store offered. So I went back to my cheap cotton sports bras, resigning myself to the choice of being comfortable OR supported.

Then, just a few weeks ago, I heard about Coobie Seamless Bras, which are supposed to be ultra comfortable, stylish, versatile, and affordable! They come in two sizes (regular and full-size), with  7+ different styles and 50+ different colors and patterns.


They claim to be perfect for everyday wear, activities such as yoga or pilates, nursing moms, and sleep! Coobie Seamless Bras also has a large following of mastectomy patients that love the soft comfort and pad pocket to insert a form.

Right now they are offering a discount of 25% off any order of $40 or more at www.shopcoobie.com. The promo code is USFG25, and it expires on April 30th.

I will post again after I receive mine, and let you know how I liked them!

Do you have a favorite bra style or brand that works for you? I’d love to hear your advice!

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Sara April 14, 2014 - 2:39pm

That bra looks awesome! I just found a comfy one similar to that the other day & it’s thrown in the wash every day so I can wear it all the time! Love it!