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Contain Yourself: Stocking Stuffers They’ll Love

by Megan

*This post contains (hehe, get it?) affiliate links.

It’s no secret that one of my favorite places is The Container Store. For an organizing nut like me, it’s heaven. But let it be known that they do not just sell empty boxes, oh no! In fact, on a recent visit, I browsed their selection of stocking stuffers and small gifts, and I pretty much wanted everything. Today I’m showing you my top picks, and letting you know that their stocking stuffers are 20% off this weekend (Saturday-Monday)!

The Container Store has 20% off their awesome stocking stuffers and small gifts this weekend, December 5-7!

These gifts would be perfect for friends, relatives, gift exchanges, or me. Yes, if you want to buy me a gift, these are some good choices. Also, feel free to treat yourself! #treatyoself2015


On to the (awesome) stocking stuffers and small gifts (because not all of these will fit into a stocking, Kris Kringle)! Here are 12 things that I love, and I think you’ll love them too!

Stocking Stuffers from The Container Store

1. Water From a Stone

Okay I’m not mature enough to have live plants in my home, but if you are, you can water them in style with this glass stone which clearly works by magic.

Water From a Stone

2. in.bag Handbag Organizers

If you need a gift for a chronic handbag switcher, she might love these handbag organizers. Put in your important things, and then move the whole organizer to whatever bag strikes your fancy that day! The zippers allow you to expand them to better fit a larger bag. I love the one with the red inside!

Handbag Organizer

3. Drop Rainbow Bath Light

This is a must-have for me. I take a bath nearly every day, and sometimes I don’t want the harsh bathroom lights on. However, I also don’t like to bathe in the darkness. This would be a great alternative.

Rain Drop Bath Light

4. Bird Feeder

I’ve wanted to hang a bird feeder for a long time, and it doesn’t get much easier than this. Step one- put in bird seed. Step two- stick it on a window. Step three- look at pretty birds.

Bird Feeder

5. StrobeLight

Because I don’t want to get hit by cars when running.

Running Clip-On Strobe Light

6. Customizable Cookie Stamp

These come with interchangeable letters and numbers and symbols, so your cookies can say whatever you want them to say!

Customizable Cookie Stamp

7. Dry Spell Floating Pouch

I got something similar to this in our swag bag at Beaches, and we used the heck out of that little guy. This solves the problem of not wanting to bring your phone to the beach, or not wanting to leave it on the beach when you get in the water. Take pics of your water adventures without getting your phone wet, and it even floats (but I still recommend keeping it firmly around your neck)!

Floating Phone Case

8. Silicone Hot Styling Tool Pocket by OXO

This just seems smart. After you style your hair to perfection, store your death tool hot hair styler in these protective silicone pockets. Great for travelers!

Hot Sleeve Styling Tool Pocket

9. Criss Cross minimergency Kit

I love these little emergency kits. I actually love the silver version, but hey these are the ones on sale! Perfect stocking stuffer for your ladies.

MInimergency Kit

10. PackLite 12 Solar Light

If you love a camper, you can’t go wrong with these packable lanterns. No longer will you have to use your cellphone flashlight and put up your tent with one hand.

Camping PackLite Folding Light

11. 15-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver

If you’re NOT the handyperson in the household, then you might want to get your loved one this 15-in-1 screwdriver, since he or she does all the real work. And you know how frustrating it is to not be able to find the exact screwdriver you need. Oh no you don’t, because you don’t fix things! But your spouse does. And it ratchets! Hooray for being lazy! Except not, because you’re fixing things.

15-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver

12. Black Smart Umbrella

I’m including this umbrella because it’s so smart that it’s stupid. The pole is off-centered, so you can actually have room to not get rained on. Goodbye awkward-to-hold umbrellas, my umbrella is smart!

Smart Umbrella

Well, if you couldn’t find what you need in this post, then I can’t help you. You must be shopping for one of those “difficult” people. In that case, maybe some chocolate and some gift cards so they can buy their own dang presents! For the rest of you, head to The Container Store this weekend and check off your list!

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