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A Much-Needed Date Night, Courtesy of College Nannies and Tutors

by Megan

I know I say it too much, but we have been so busy lately. I always think I know what “busy” is, and then I just get busier! Here is a look at what we’ve been up to lately:

Sleeping! Ha, no, never.

Daniel is off to school early, while I do breakfast and get three kids and myself ready. I do 1st grade drop off, and twice a week I work a full day. I also work half a day from home. Daniel teaches voice/piano lessons three afternoons a week, while I watch the kids and keep them entertained and relatively quiet. Vanessa has a co-op preschool two mornings a week (and I teach said preschool every other week), and Carter has soccer on Tuesday evenings, with games on Saturdays. Daniel is in a play right now so he’s gone every evening, and I do dinner, homework, and bedtime. I also choreograph for his show choir and have occasional rehearsals to teach dances. I’m also about to start teaching dances to our youth at church one evening a week, for a huge upcoming event. Speaking of church, I teach lessons on Sundays, and Daniel plays the piano. In addition, I am going to be in a musical that Daniel wrote and is directing, and rehearsals for that will be starting in September. I’m on the board of directors, as treasurer, of the theatre where we are doing these shows, so I spend time organizing their financials, keeping the books, and attending meetings and helping out in other ways. I also make it to the gym a few mornings each week, and sometimes I get up to run early in the morning.

Brothers in the morning

Did you catch what wasn’t on that list? If you said blogging, you win a prize (Disclaimer: not really)! I normally have a new post up each weekday, plus I’m always working on the backend of my blog(s) (yeah, working on another one…two actually). I run a blog tribe and a larger blogging Facebook group, and I recently thought it was a great idea to start offering my services to switch people from Blogger to WordPress (it was a good idea, just more things to do)!

Despite this craziness, Daniel and I are doing our best to get quality time together as well as with the kids. We’ve made a pledge to not do any extra activities in November and December, so we can get a little break and not always be running from one place to another. I feel a little bit of pride that I’ve been able to handle all this craziness, but just because we can handle it doesn’t mean we should be doing so much.

A few weeks ago, we got the opportunity to try out the services of College Nannies + Tutors, located in Gilbert. We actually found an evening when we were free, so we set up a date night! If you are in need of a long-term nanny, or just an occasional babysitter, you can feel totally comfortable trusting in their team of Role Model Nannies.

Before they set up our evening of child care, Nicole (the owner) came all the way out to Surprise to meet us and tell us a bit about how the business works. She also met my kids and asked some questions about their personalities and likes/dislikes, so that she could pair us with a nanny who would be a good fit.

She was able to schedule us for two days after the visit, and the next day, I received an email with detailed information on our nanny, Yolanda. It told about her background, schooling, and experience, and a little about her personality. It even included her photo and references from people who had worked with her before. She sounded like a fun, energetic person and a good fit for my fun, energetic kids!

I then got an email from Yolanda herself, asking if there was anything she needed to know, so she could be prepared for her visit. I definitely felt like we were being personally catered to, and I knew my kids would be in good hands.

Luckily our kids love having babysitters, so they were excited when Yolanda arrived. They practically pushed us out the door.

For once I was relaxed and not concerned about whether our kids were getting the proper attention and care from their babysitter. College Nannies + Tutors only hires nannies who are at least 18 years old, who have passed background checks, and who truly love kids.

We got four glorious hours all to ourselves. We headed straight for Buffalo Wild Wings, where we ate and relaxed and debated what to do with the rest of our evening. We weren’t super interested in any of the movies that were playing, and so we ended up at my parents’ house, to go swimming!


After a dip in the pool, we still had some time left, so we got some frozen yogurt before heading home. When we got back to our house, all three kids were sound asleep, and Yolanda gave us some finger paintings that she had helped the kids make.

It was a fantastic evening for all! And one thing that I really like about College Nannies + Tutors, is that they handle all of the payments. I’ve always thought it was awkward paying babysitters, and I’m always afraid I’m paying the wrong amount. With College Nannies, they handle all of the payments, and you never have to discuss or exchange money with your nanny.

If you are local to Gilbert, and need some quality child care, give them a call or stop by!

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