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by Megan

We sure had a wonderful Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, Daniel and I relaxed most of the day with Carter, had a few visitors, and then that evening we went to Uncle Paul and Aunt Sue’s house, along with plenty of other guests (mostly family but others too), for dinner and a live nativity.

This time, Carter played Joseph! It was so adorable. His cousin, who is about three, played Mary, and Daniel was the donkey she rode on. I was the picture-taker. He was so adorable, even though he had no idea what was going on! Carter was cute, too. ;)

When we got home it was bedtime, so Carter got to take one present into his room to open up, and it was a brand new Christmas sleeper. We changed him and put him to bed, and then we each opened up one gift.

The next morning, I got up around 6:30 because I wanted to curl my hair and that takes me forever, so I took about an hour getting ready, and then the boys were still sleeping, so I put on the tree lights and got everything ready, and then around 8, Carter woke up. We got Daniel up and then did a funny walk out to the tree (Tenney tradition).

Carter had a baby triceratops that growled and moved his head waiting for him under the tree, and a stocking filled with books, including a custom board book with pictures of his family, a couple of little Fisher Price-esque missionaries, and a toy iPhone (which cost 1 dollar, and which I think was his favorite gift!).

I did a stocking for Daniel with cherry cordials (which was a staple given to his dad from his mom every year), $60 worth of iTunes gift cards (which we bought on Black Friday for $48 and he knew about), and a wrapped gift. I didn’t tell Daniel I was doing a stocking for him, but he did one for me last year so we’re even!

Carter got books, a puzzle, a drum, some bath toys, some mini pots and pans, a tool box, and toys from Australia from Gramma Tenney, among other things that I can’t remember. Daniel got me a bunch of records, some candy, and Nike Plus (which I wanted, but which I don’t think is going to be compatible with my iphone or ipod, so which might be going back!). I got Daniel a Dr. Horrible calendar and a cd that was important to us that we lost awhile ago.

We also got the Office trivia board game and a cookbook from Chris and Lindsay, and some candy from an anonymous front-door-present-dropper. Oh and we both got gifts from Australia as well! Daniel has yet to try out his boomerang, but when he does I hope it’s far away from our windows.

We finished with presents pretty quickly, so Daniel took a shower while I gave Carter breakfast, and then we drove to my parents’ house in Sahuarita, where my parents and my brother and sister were all waiting for us.

We got there around 10 and opened presents around 11. Carter got another stocking there (I guess he was REALLY good this year!), which had a few little toys and some candy. Then the presents…oh the presents! Every year my mom says, “I hope you guys aren’t expecting much because I’m just not going to go crazy this year,” and then she proceeds to go crazy!

We both learned a lesson this year (although who knows if we’ll remember it next year), which is that we bought Carter way too many things! He was overwhelmed with the presents and wanted to play with each new thing. He ended up taking his morning nap with five presents left to open when he woke up!

From my parents, Carter got three different kinds of trains (a motorized one, a magnetic one, and a fisher price one), a baby doll, some bath toys, books, some play food, a latches board (six different doors with different latches to open them), and many other things I’m forgetting.

I got a care package filled with my favorite cosmetic products, a canister set for my kitchen, a couple of books, some travel ipod speakers that will be perfect for my car, and a snuggie (which was half a joke and half because I do get cold when I’m working at their house!).

Daniel got a skillet specifically for cooking vegetables on our grill (because last time we attempted it, they all fell through the grate), a grill cleaning brush, and some candy.

And together we got the Office DVD trivia game, and gift cards to Walmart, Target, Borders, McDonald’s, Applebees, and Chili’s! My brother also got us a little mp3 speaker that looks like a little guitar amp- it’s adorable and plays really loudly!

We had a great day, enjoying our presents, relaxing, and then taking a walk around the lake, trading off using two razor scooters. Oh, and I beat my mom and sister at Beatles Trivial Pursuit!

We spent the night, and then the next day we went mini-golfing (I won again!) and got pizza for lunch, and then in the afternoon, I was winning Beatles Trivial Pursuit again when my dad, Daniel, and I left to go see Sherlock Holmes. After the movie, we ate some leftovers for dinner, and then Daniel, Carter, and I came home.

It was a great holiday, and we’re very thankful for our many gifts, as well as the fun times we had with family! Daniel has another entire week off, and we’ll be going away on New Year’s to celebrate his birthday (more on that later- it’s a surprise!).

Hope everyone else had a nice holiday and have a happy new year!

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Scooter Chevys!