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by Megan

Well it’s the holiday season again, and I think I’m finally starting to get excited for Christmas. I haven’t been in much of a holiday mood at all lately, but as we get closer, I’m getting there. All I have to do is think about Carter waking up on Christmas morning (with his adorable new Christmas sleeper that he’s going to open on Christmas Eve), and walking out to see all his presents!

Actually, his presents are already under the tree, so he might need a little explanation, but I am leaving one unwrapped, from Santa, so he’ll see that at least and get excited. He will also have a stocking full of things to open!

The present I’m leaving unwrapped for Carter is (and you’ve probably seen these if you spend any time in the toy aisles of stores) one of those little triceratops that moves its head and roars when you pat its back. I think he will absolutely love it. He’s also getting a toy drum, a puzzle, several books (including a board book version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar which is his favorite, and also a custom made board book with pictures of him and his family), and a few bath toys.

After we have Christmas morning at our new house (pictures soon, I promise!), we’ll be driving up to Sahuarita to have presents at my parents’ house! And that’s what I’m excited for, because my mother has gone SO far overboard buying things for all of us! Carter has lots of nice things to open, and I’m excited for my gifties too!!

The next two weeks should be great, because Daniel is off from work, I’m off from Charlie Brown rehearsals, and I also get to take one day off each week (I usually work two days, so I only have to do one). I will, however, be continuing with Urinetown rehearsals (and probably attending some extra ones), and we will be rehearsing and performing 16 Hamlets at Beowulf. That performance is on New Year’s Eve, so I’m sure a lot of rehearsals will be squeezed into the next two weeks. Whatever free time I end up with, I plan on going through all the boxes and bins that haven’t been touched since our move, and clearing out the shed floor, and putting the bins to be stored in the storage space in the top of the shed.

My plan was to start teaching dance classes in the shed, putting in flooring and mirrors and everything, but I think I’m going to wait on it. The girls who would probably be most likely to do it seemed kind of ambivalent and unsure last time I talked to them, so I don’t think I’m going to throw down the start up money just yet. All the same, it will be nice to have the shed cleared out, and if anyone wants to take tap lessons, we can still do that!

I am looking forward to a relaxing next semester (I hope!). Hamlet is only the one performance on the 31st, Urinetown is performed the last weekend in January and the first in February (but I will be gone the second weekend), and Charlie Brown has been pushed back to mid February (as soon as I get back from Florida, in fact we’re leaving half a day early to make it). And actually, the show choir competition will be the weekend after Charlie Brown, so I’ll be choreographing and teaching their entire show during January I guess! Okay, so much for relaxing, but it’s all exciting, and I love it all!

Oh yeah, and on top of all that, we heard from Arid Rose theatre, and apparently they have cast us in a musical called “China: The Whole Enchilada,” which is normally for three guys, but they are expanding it to be three guys and three girls. Anyway, we’ll see what kind of rehearsal schedule they have in mind, and how (if) we can work it in!

I don’t think I’ll be doing a whole lot of auditioning early next year. I’ve had enough projects to keep me busy, and I’d like a little bit of a break! Maybe I’ll finally learn to cook… Either way, we’re probably going to try for another baby in the spring, so I’ll have all summer to do a show if one comes up. We’ll see how it goes, but there’s definitely a lot of fun stuff coming up!

The trip to Florida in February will include stops at Disney World, where Carter is going to get his first haircut, and probably some fun places along the way (we are driving). Then two weeks later, I’ll be in California with the show choir, and Carter is staying with my parents, so it will be a fun and stress-free trip!

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and preparations for the big day. Tonight we are the holy family at our ward’s Christmas party…we’ll see how that turns out. Next up, before and after pictures of my house! I commit to doing that ASAP!

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