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Christmas Present for Little Bakers

by Megan

Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what to get my kids for Christmas and birthdays, but for my 4-year-old daughter, this year I had no problem! Vanessa loves all things baking, so when I went to Hallmark for some Christmas shopping, I had to come home with their Minnie Mouse Baking Kit and Child’s Apron!

If you have a little baker, this cute baking set and apron would make a perfect gift!

Truthfully, Vanessa and I have baked together a couple of times, but not very often. My kitchen skills are lacking, but she has such an interest in baking that this set was perfect for her. She watches videos, mostly toy reviews, of kids baking, and she plays baking games on her iPad, but this kit will actually get us in the kitchen making some real cookies!

Ready to bake!

I love it when toys and presents encourage kids to explore real life skills and activities. Maybe she’ll be a famous baker someday, or maybe she’ll be a loving mother who bakes delicious treats for her kids, but either way she is learning a skill and having lots of fun at the same time!

I love that the Minnie Baking Kit includes adorable, child-sized baking tools, as well as treat bags and tags. After we have our fun in the kitchen, we can spread our holiday cheer by bringing cookies to our neighbors!

Minnie Mouse Baking Kit

Here’s a video of my little baker showing off everything that comes inside the Minnie Baking Kit:

I can’t wait to surprise Vanessa on Christmas morning with some more baking-related gifts! Now when she begs me for a “girls’ day,” I know just what we’ll be doing!

Minnie Baking Set and Apron

If you’re not quite feeling the holiday spirit yet, I strongly recommend a trip to Hallmark! They have so many cute gift ideas as well as the necessities such as gift wrap, their famous ornament collection, and of course you can’t forget their greeting cards!

What are you getting your little ones for Christmas?

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Sharon Weeman November 18, 2015 - 9:25pm

Very cute Minnie Mouse Baking Set, and very cute little girl!