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Christmas #2

by Megan

Well if you thought Christmas #1 was great… We had our “real” Christmas morning in St. David. Daniel surprised me first by filling my stocking! We had agreed not to do them for each other this year, but he backed out on our deal! It was a nice surprise.

We brought our gifts, and stocking, over to his mom’s house, where we opened gifts along with his mom, Chris, Lindsay, Nathan, and Jan. Carter got a few cute outfits, sneakers, a lot of great books, a stuffed animal that plays music, and a toy train. Daniel got another book and two iTunes gift cards from me, and we both got more iTunes cards, books, a game, and an emergency essentials gift card from his mom and Nathan and Jan (we exchange by family on Daniel’s side).

I also got Daniel a “work-in-progress” gift, which was two large binders of all the music (I could find) that he’s written- one for musical theatre and one for everything else. “Carter” got Daniel a book and a beard trimmer, and he got me the Beatles white album puzzle (yes it’s plain white, and yes I wanted it!).

Daniel’s other gift to me, which was especially touching, was a 200 dollar headshot session with a local photographer, who comes highly recommended from the best Tucson area director. Along with the gift certificate, he included the quote “Shouldn’t I want the world to see the brilliant girl who inspires me?” I’ll leave that quote open for the guessing. It’s from a musical which means a lot to both of us, which also has many parallels to our life together. I would further explain the significance of the quote, but that would probably end up giving away the musical.

Daniel explained that he knew how much theatre meant to me, and he wants me to be able to continue to be involved and “have a career,” as he put it (though that’s not really what I’m looking for). He said now I can take dance classes, get a great headshot, and then be able to audition for shows coming up pretty soon. He suggested that I try out one of the more serious acting theatres since the other day I mentioned that I would love a challenging acting job.

So now I have an extra incentive to lose weight! I don’t have to schedule the headshot session right away; I’m thinking maybe I’ll shoot for three months. That way, my hair will have grown out a bit, I’ll dye it back to a nice brown color, I’ll get my makeup done by someone that day, and hopefully I’ll have lost ten more pounds or so! Oh, and I’ll need to whiten my teeth. Last time I got my headshots taken was, embarrassingly, when I was 17, and black and white was the norm then. Not so anymore.

Well, I think that’s it for Christmas. The picture above was taken at the Foothills Mall. My mom and sister insisted on buying Carter sunglasses… There are more cute pictures that my mom took; I’m sure you’ll be seeing them soon!
Up next, my San Antonio trip report. I’m actually writing this blog from our hotel room, and so far our trip has been nigh unto perfect!

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Lindsay Tenney January 5, 2009 - 12:28am

Oh I know this one, I know this one!! It’s one of our favie musicals, too!! It’s from…….. drum roll…….. “the last five years!” More specifically… Jamie singing the schmeul song, encouraging her career just like Daniel! Points, points for me! Your Christmas sounds like a blast, and since I was there… I can agree that you seemed to be having a ton of fun. Glad we could spend more time with you guys! Hope San Antonio was awesome.

Beans January 9, 2009 - 3:37pm

Cool shades on the cutest baby ever.