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Choreography…my life

by Megan

I definitely cannot complain about the amount of artistic outlet I’ve had lately! I spent all of the fall semester choreographing two musicals at BASIS Tucson (and singing in the Arizona Repertory Singers, and directing a short church musical, and performing in our Broadway night revue). This semester has been equally busy; I’m choreographing the show choir show (already taught four songs, working on two more, and Daniel is going to be adding as many songs as we can fit in before the end of the year because the kids will have a whole hour to fill in NYC), and I’m choregraphing a musical in Green Valley (see logo above).

Today I went and spent 5 hours teaching 5 songs for the musical! The rehearsal went really well, which was great because I was worried about how well the cast would be able to handle the dancing. I think most people will be okay, but one guy has to do an entire tap number and he’s never tapped! He has a lot of work on his hands (feet?)! Anyway, I have high hopes that the show will turn out well. The company has really strong funding and technical skills, but they don’t have a huge talent pool to choose from because they are kind of out of town. Still, I’m really excited to see the final product.

And once the school year ends, I’m choreographing:

I’m excited for that, too, and Daniel and I are also going to be in the ensemble. That is one huge beast of a show, so it’s going to be a lot of work I think. The final product will definitely be great because the theatre company is the best in Tucson, and we are performing in the big equity theatre.

After that, I think I’ll take it easy for awhile. But I say that a lot…
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