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Carter’s Cool Minecraft Party

by Megan

My biggest little guy turned 7 on Saturday, and we celebrated all day, including a birthday breakfast, awesome Minecraft lunch party, and an evening at an amusement park!

Carter's Cool Minecraft Party

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He actually got started a few days early, with a special evening with Gramma and Grampa, which included a trip to Build-a-Bear!


Little sister got to go to Build-a-Bear on her birthday, so Carter had to do it too! He had LOTS of fun building his Darth Vader bear, and he also got his bear a Tae Kwon Do outfit!


On the morning of his actual birthday, Carter burst into my room to proclaim, “Mom, I’m 7 now!”

I decided to let him have a present right away, and I showed him the CarterForce YouTube channel I made for him, complete with a sweet video intro! Subscribe if you like toy reviews and video games! He told me that when he hits 100 subscribers, he will upload a video of himself eating a meatball sub…so there’s that.

Then, Gramma, Grampa, and I took Carter to Denny’s for his free birthday breakfast! Then we went home for a bit, and soon it was time to go to Gramma’s for a lunchtime birthday party! We brought KFC, and my mom had decorated everything in a Minecraft theme!


We found the Minecraft letter printouts here. Then she made some cupcakes that looked like creepers, pigs, and grass blocks. They were even square! Did you know you could order a square cupcake pan?


Then she had Rolos for gold, Twizzlers in a square cup for TNT, Rice Krispy treats for dirt and with green frosting for grass, and squares of blue jello for water!


…complete with adorable little signs of course! And creeper plates. And a tablecloth that looked like grass (football season FTW). And “creeper juice” (Sprite)!


Carter got lots of nice presents. I think he was excited about everything! He got a couple of books, a Playdoh set, iTunes gift card, and lots more.


The final present was his very own iPad mini (already loaded with parental control software, whoo)! He had no idea he was getting it.


Annnd, we’ll just include that photo above because I look decent in it.


7 candles on 7 Minecraft cupcakes! Wow I have a 7-year-old!

After the fun party, we left the little ones with Gramma and Grampa, and we met up with Carter’s best friend and his parents to go to Castles N Coasters!


The boys had a great time riding the rides with their moms and playing arcade games with their dads! It was hot, but we had lots of fun!


Happy birthday, Carter! I know 7 is going to be a great year!!

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Stephanie R August 31, 2015 - 11:50am

What an adorable party, those cupcakes are so cute. I bet your kiddo LOVED his party!