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Kindergarten Graduation & Candy Graduation Hat

by Megan

This past week was full of the end-of-school activities, and it was a special year for us, because our oldest graduated from Kindergarten! We gave him an extra special day with dinner at his favorite restaurant (Red Robin), a few gifts, and my mom made graduation hats and diplomas out of candy! The tutorial is included, so keep reading!


It seems like yesterday that I was hugging him in the cafeteria and sending him off for his first day. He has certainly grown a lot, as you can see by this “before and after.”


The first photo is him on meet-the-teacher night last July, and the second is at graduation. What a baby and what a little man!

Our celebration started at Gramma’s house, where she made candy graduation hats and diplomas!


The graduation hat is made with an upside-down Reese’s cup on bottom, with a Ghirardelli’s chocolate square next, and then topped off with an M&M, and some pieces of a Fruit Roll-Up! Assemble the pieces with a little bit of frosting, and they are ready to eat!


The candy diplomas are just Smarties wrapped in some white paper, tied together with pieces of red Fruit Roll-Up!

Simple, cute, and delicious!

Speaking of delicious, we continued our celebration at Red Robin, where Carter got a big set of Legos from Gramma and Grampa, and some Star Wars Angry Birds from Dad and Mom!


Then it was time to head to the school for the big event!


The ceremony was nice and short- a few songs, handing out diplomas, and done! There are five Kindergarten classes, but two of them did their graduation the night before. I put together a 3-minute video of the best moments!

Afterward, we took some photos outside with our new 1st grader!


Then a few days later, Gramma had her own photo session with the new grad!


And quick brag, Carter will be going into the accelerated first grade next year! He’s ready to work hard and have fun!


Congratulations, Carter! We are so proud of you!

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Megan Robinson May 27, 2014 - 2:49pm

Those little treats are so cute! And you have the cutest family. And also let’s talk about how GORGEOUS you are!! Congrats on your new FIRST grader! :)

kristinethefoleyfamblog May 28, 2014 - 1:35am

Those pics of him are adorable! What a stud! Love the caps you made! Pinned!

Kristine Foley May 28, 2014 - 1:35am

Way cute idea for graduation!

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