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Calorie Counts

by Megan

I forgot to mention this a couple of posts ago- I have made up a list of the foods I eat regularly and their calorie counts. Based on a general plan of 300 calories at breakfast, 450 at lunch, 500 at dinner, and 250 worth of snacks, I can now combine foods and make up meals that are close to those calorie counts, and that way I know exactly what I can eat at a meal without even having to break down all the calorie counts. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

For example, some breakfast options are:

a bowl of cereal

half a bagel with cream cheese and a banana

two pieces of toast with peanut butter

three eggs and two slices of bacon

an english muffin with butter and jelly and a “made-at-home” smoothie

Each of those meals is right around 300 calories. Some other things on my list (waffles, sausage egg and cheese muffin) are a little more than that, but I know that if I choose them, I need to cut back on a different meal, or eat fewer snack calories.

So this isn’t an addition to my plan, just an easy way to know how many calories I’m consuming.

Let just say that 1500 calories is a lot less than it sounds!

Tonight my choir is having a dessert pot luck. About 60 people are each bringing a dessert to share with everyone else. Really? They need to do that to me? I plan on choosing two or three different things to sample and/or share with Daniel! And maybe an extra hard workout tomorrow!

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