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Calling All Midwives #StreamTeam

by Megan

I love you, Netflix. No really, I do. My kids don’t sit around watching TV all day, but when this Mama needs a break, there’s nothing like putting on the kids’ favorite shows and letting them veg out on the sofa for awhile. I’m happy, they’re happy. Win. Win. Win.


Then of course there are those times when it’s Mom who wants to relax and watch a favorite show. Netflix is awesome because you don’t have to wait a week to see the next episode- it starts automatically!

I’m pretty busy, but I still like to always have a show that I’m working my way through. I have to have something to watch while I fold the laundry, especially! So a few weeks ago when I finished watching Parenthood, I quickly needed to start a new series. I had heard of Call the Midwife from several people, so I started watching it.


Of course I had to start watching this show right when we are getting ready to try for another baby. There are babies born in every episode, and it never gets old seeing those sweet tiny little babies! #tears

Along with the cute babies, the British accents are so fun to listen to. I’m in a play right now where I use a New York accent, and meanwhile I’ve been watching Call The Midwife so much that I’m thinking in a British accent! We’ll see if I make it back to “normal” sometime soon.

And if you have any kind of affinity for vintage clothing, you’ll be in heaven watching this show! The dresses are adorable, and I loved the scene where Jenny was nervous because she was going out in pants for the first time!

Those elements combine with great acting and writing to make a series that will keep your interest. I’m nearing the end of the three seasons that are on Netflix, and I’m both excited and sad to reach the end!

It’s so interesting to watch not only how much medical technology has changed since the late 50s, but also to see how the technology and knowledge grows just during the time period of the series itself. Part of me does want to have a baby without an epidural, the way it was done for centuries, but…then I remember how awesome they are!


3 down, 1 to go!

I love being a member of the Netflix Stream Team and sharing all our favorite shows with you. So, what are you streaming this month? Will you be calling the midwife anytime soon?!


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