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Busy Family Life

by Megan

Here is part two to my last post, about how busy the blogging life has been lately. This post is about how busy our family has been lately, and some of the fun things we’ve been up to, such as going to the beach!


First, you may have noticed that I was so busy this weekend that “Shaping Up For Summer” didn’t even happen! I had a post draft open on my computer but then we got too rushed and had to leave for California, and it just didn’t get finished. Oh well, hopefully you are all rocking it without me! Just two weeks to go!

So this is our last week of school, and tomorrow night my little guy graduates from Kindergarten! He has had an awesome year, with a great teacher and a great school, and he’s definitely ready for 1st grade!


He still looks little to me, when I drop him off at school and he walks off, but he has grown and learned so much this year. I love what he brought home for Mother’s Day!


Vanessa is my passionate little princess, and by passionate I mean she feels every feeling very strongly!


I finally got around to putting up the vinyl bird decals she got for her birthday!


She gets lots of time at Gramma’s house, and sometimes she even gets to go to the zoo!


My big project in June will be getting her potty trained! The goal is no daytime diapers on our trip to Maine (fingers crossed).

And speaking of little ones that are not potty trained…


Harrison is my sweet little guy who is a total mama’s boy! He just learned to wave, and he thinks it’s funny when things and people fall over (don’t we all). Give us a G, Harry…


And just yesterday, Harry finally made it to the ocean!


A few weeks ago we had family over, and the kids got to play with their cousins! They had so much fun together, and I wish we could see them more often!


Daniel has been busy wrapping up his school year, and this week when he auditioned his choir kids, he had over 80 students try out for show choir, so they gave him a second show choir class!

choir surfing

His program is huge and fantastic, and I’m excited to do a lot of choreography and work with the kids next year.


His choir got the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a Diamondbacks game, so we all came along for the ride. They were putting up photos that people tweeted, so we got Carter up on the jumbo tron (and me too, apparently)!


As for me, well you know I’m always busy with blog stuff, being Mom, working, turning 30, and all that fun stuff. I thought I’d throw a ridiculously huge book in there as well, just in case I get bored.

Really, Stephen, really? Is that super necessary?

This week is Kindergarten graduation, the last few days of school, and my birthday, on Friday! Then we are packing up (again) and heading to Payson for the holiday weekend, to spend time with Daniel’s family (more cousin time!).

The fun never stops, and it certainly won’t stop this summer, as we have trips planned to Mexico and Maine! But we’ll be sure to put our feet up and take a rest from time to time…

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April May 19, 2014 - 5:40am

How fun! I’ll be potty training Bee this weekend and I’m excited about it. I can’t wait! Great pictures!